My wish list

How often do you consider your wardrobe as a whole?  I’ve been reading more fashion blogs and thinking more about my wardrobe as a functioning entity as of late.  My wardrobe is pretty enormous, lets be honest.  But I must now acknowledge that there are some huge gaping holes.  Probably because I have never planned my wardrobe in any way shape or form.  I just saw something I liked and usually bought it whether I needed it or not (I can convince myself I will wear almost anything eventually).

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older (and I have so many clothes that I don’t wear them often enough for anything to really wear out, whereas D is very very hard on clothing and nothing really lasts more than a couple of years) and I need to think – am I really going to want to wear what I’m buying right now in 5 or 10 years?  As a fashionista this is a bit of a *gasp* moment – how could I possibly be caught dead in something I’m wearing now 5 years from now?  I mean, isn’t fashion all about change and whats new?

Honestly, lets try and be practical here.

I’m on the verge of starting a job for the first time in nearly 7 years and the thought of having an income is very exciting.  This last year I have really reigned in the shopping (literally this weekend I had some time to kill, so I went into Witchery and found clearance scarves for $6.90 and $12.90 respectively, plus an additional 25% off…  and didn’t buy a single one because the colours didn’t really suit (even though they were plain and I’ve decided I need more plain scarves!!).

So here is my wish list to help build my wardrobe once I start earning a salary (and yes, I do have expensive taste):

The beautiful leather satchel/tote

A simple, clean black leather bag

The trench coat

The classic denim jacket

Plain dresses

Navy circle skirt

Statement heels (D to me the other day “I’ve never seen you wear heels” – I can really only interpret that as a request, can I not?)

Did I miss anything? What are some of the items currently on your wish list? What is your wardrobe seriously lacking?


11 thoughts on “My wish list

  1. Love the trench!! Great find! I completely agree that scanning all these different blogs makes you think twice about combos, what works with what…only thing is I could waste HOURS checking blogs for inspiration… 🙂

  2. Oooh those shoes! I’d love to see you style those! Fantastic! This is a great list! I have one that I’m working on and I’m afraid it will be much too long. So many things I want, but don’t actually need…Haha. Oh well. I’m still going to make the list. 😀

    – Anna

    • I would love to see your wish list! 😀 Haha, it can be too long and no one will judge (I mean, c’mon have you seen my pinterest page? Pretty much a running wish list of things I don’t need and can’t afford but love anyways) – that’s why it’s a “wish list”. 😀

  3. I also was/am trying to get out of the habit of buying just because it’s a good deal or I like it, and instead trying to think of how it can fit into the rest of my wardrobe cohesively. Especially when you’re trying to build a work wardrobe and want to focus on quality over quantity (a lesson I’m still trying to learn). My problem is that I like way too many different styles, looks and colors!

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