A third dose of Dunedin Street Style

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Last week, Scott Macshane and I hit the streets during the final week of exams here in Dunedin to snap some quick street style photos before most of the students here at Otago leave for the summer holidays.  So without further ado, here were our favourite looks.



Katherine was on her way to drop off her CV at one of the local Dunedin shops (although she admitted she didn’t own anything from said shop yet, so I won’t list it here!) and is wearing a skirt from Glassons. I loved her denim jacket paired with the light skirt. When asked about Double denim, she said double blue denim was definitely a faux pas.


Next we stopped Nicole who was admittedly wearing her flatmate’s jacket and another flatmate’s shorts! We spent quite a bit of time discussing how her flat regularly shared clothing, which was great because they could see how others were styling items – and of course the obvious bonus of sharing clothes and ideas! The item Nicole was most coveting this summer was a playsuit and some Karen Walker sunnies.



Scott and I loved Nicole’s watch, which was an 18th birthday present which appealed since it also looks like a bracelet.


Then we spotted Prince, who didn’t think he looked very fashionable (he was going for comfortable) but we managed to convince him otherwise. His shirt was from ASOS, his jeans from his hometown in China, and his necklace was from his mom (from a temple). We asked him about shopping in New Zealand vs. China, and he said he used to shop more in China because he felt clothing there was more stylish, but now here in Dunedin he does more online shopping.



Finally, we loved his super-stylish haircut, which he did get in Dunedin at Aart (my salon as well, just as an FYI), and his jeans/socks/shoes combo.



Keeping on trend with stylish guys, we stopped Mike and Felix. Felix’s awesome Velvet Underground banana shirt was from Slick Willy’s (here in Dunedin). Felix confessed to only owning about 8 articles of clothing total, most of which were flannel shirts from The Warehouse, and that he cut his own hair and the current cut “just happened” one night! Regardless, we loved his very music/rock-n-roll inspired look. Mike admitted to owning many more than 8 articles of clothing, and liked to do a bit of his shopping on trips to Melbourne.

Felix & Mike

Felix & Mike

Mike’s awesome satchel was his dad’s from maybe 30 years ago.


Finally, we finished with Eilish (her name is Irish Gaelic as an FYI). She felt her look was quite casual and that she couldn’t really be bothered that morning (Scott and I thought she looked very stylish, however!). Her shoes were from Number One Shoe Warehouse, her top was from Glassons and her jeans from Jay Jays. She does a lot of her shopping online, she loves vintage and Etsy. She gets a lot of her inspiration online as well, as she follows the blog Scathingly Brilliant. The other unique thing about Eilish is that she’s not really a fan of sunnies!



The thing Scott and I loved about this look was the coordination between the lace collar of the shirt and the socks and shoes!


To sum up what I have learned this third time round:

  1. I need a denim jacket – it’s a great partner for skirts and dresses – which I have many of.
  2. A beautiful and well made satchel or statement bag is still a must.
  3. A great haircut or style can really make a look successful.
  4. Accessories are still vital.
  5. Successful street style can be casual and doesn’t necessarily need to include designer goods.

I hope you enjoyed this third installation of Dunedin Street Style around the university!

All Photos Copyright of Scott Macshane. Please do not use without permission.


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