If you thought customised shoes were cool, check out customised swimsuits (with large cup sizes!!!)

So I was having a play on the internet today looking at swimsuits. I know, as a bit of a fashionista, I already have 7 swimsuits in regular rotation – 3 one pieces and 4 bikinis. So clearly I desperately need another swimsuit (er, yeah right). In my defense, as I recently figured out I was wearing the wrong bra size, it means I should get a proper bra sized bikini. Of course, in my freakish new size, selection is a bit on the slim side.

But hey, we’re just about to go into summer down here, and looking doesn’t really hurt. And guess what I found?! A company called Surania which will custom make a swimsuit for you! This strikes me as a genius idea which I kind of wish I had come up with first. They even go up to an F cup and size 24 (although on the downside, there is a limited number of tops that come with underwire, which, if you’re anything like me, is pretty much a must).

However, you get to choose the fabrics (see all their available fabrics here) and styles and much like designing your own shoes, is quite fun and an excellent way to procrastinate!

This isn’t one of my designs, but I really like this fabric!

This one is cute too, and you can make the top underwired!

And would you believe they even do retro styles?

I think I need to increase my blog traffic so maybe one of these companies could let me review their site!! *hint hint*

Anyways, if you’re anything like me and struggle immensely to find a cute swimsuit in your size – a custom suit may be the way to go! And if you’re wondering about turnaround time – apparently you receive your suit within 15 working days. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Would you be interested in buying a customised swimsuit, or do you think it’s too risky?


One thought on “If you thought customised shoes were cool, check out customised swimsuits (with large cup sizes!!!)

  1. I am always for new swimsuits! I like the look of that last one, but is it just me or does that top not fit her right? Maybe she should read your article about bra size šŸ™‚

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