A quick brag about New Zealand

North arm of the Routeburn, Feb 2013

North arm of the Routeburn, Feb 2013

I don’t often brag about NZ. Although as you might have noticed I mention it all the time.  I don’t know if this is just a me thing, or if it happens to all ex-pats.  I don’t consciously feel like a foreigner these days…  But regardless, I’m always conscious of being in New Zealand.  Maybe it’s because NZ is so small?

I just thought this was an interesting post about NZ.  And if it isn’t already on your bucket list – well, get it on there already!!  I know sometimes people go to Australia instead.  I mean, there is the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the 12 Apostles, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Melbourne trams, and well, the outback, koalas, kangaroos, etc.  So ok, NZ doesn’t have quite as many cute furry creatures, nor the Great Barrier Reef, but you can’t beat our birds, beaches and general mountain/wilderness splendour.  Plus, all that wilderness splendour is totally accessible due to NZ’s unique DOC hut system.  And New Zealand is so much smaller than Australia, it’s much easier to see all the fantastic sites as they are closer together.  And New Zealand is green and lush.

I just don’t know how else to convey the fact that every single day when I wake up and walk around I think how lucky I am to get to live in such a marvelous place as NZ.  Not everyone can say that (and certainly not everyone feels the same way as I do!!).  But I definitely appreciate my time here in the land of the kiwis.


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