Weigh in: Crop tops

Has anyone else noticed a proliferation of crop tops at the moment?  They’re like, everywhere.  Here you can find an entire website devoted to them, or head on over to ASOS where there are crop tops galore.  And I can only imagine that as we get closer to summer down here in the South, we’ll be seeing more and more crop tops.

Maybe I’m just jealous because I’ve never ever ever had the abs to pull a crop top off.  Maybe I’m feeling bitter because crop tops are here and I am probably too old to pull one off (even if I did hypothetically have the abs).  I can totally see using them as a layering piece over something else, but putting that much skin on display just really isn’t my style…

A more tasteful crop top from Asos

Thoughts? How old is too old to be wearing a crop top (or can you still pull off an ensemble such as the above when you’re closer to 30 than 20)? Do you have to have fabulous abs to wear one (as usual, I am confused as Americans and likely kiwis as well get fatter, fashion seems to favor those who are incredibly thin – think bodycon and dresses with cut-outs)?  Or, if you’ve got it, flaunt it (am I just getting conservative in my dotage)?


12 thoughts on “Weigh in: Crop tops

  1. I broke down and got one, wore it for an outfit post and haven’t worn it since. Age aside, where is it appropriate to wear them? Maybe a summer festival or on a cruise, but they’re really hard to wear. I do love that look from ASOS you posted though! 😀

    • You bring up a good point! It’s not only WHO can wear crop tops, but where to wear them! Maybe they work for people who live in warmer climates? I’m thinking California or Australia… LOL.

  2. I’m starting to dig this whole crop top thing. 😀 I’m not much on showing skin, as you probably gathered from my blog. I figured those days are behind me haha, but I still have pretty decent abs…maybe I should give them some air before they deflate entirely? Haha. For me though, it has to be the right style. I think there’s a fine line between uber slut and sophisticated with a hint of allure. I’m still searching for the right one, but when I find it, I know I’ll rock it (as modestly as possible). ;P

    – Anna

    • Hey, if you find a crop top that is sophisticated with a hint of allure, pick up 2, will ya, and post the other one to me? Haha! And yes, you absolutely would rock it!

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