I’m pleased that distressed denim is coming back

Distressed denim is coming back according to this (which actually indicated to me that ALL denim is good denim).  This pleases me immensely as my favourite jeans have a hole in them.  How did my favourite jeans get a hole?  Well, they were hit by a car yesterday.  The problem is that I was wearing them at the time.

Now, before you get too alarmed, let me preface this story with “I’m OK”.

I was walking to Uni yesterday, about 5 min from my house, listening to my audiobook and thinking about how the sun was in my eyes.  I had just gone across an intersection and was walking down the street on the sidewalk when something hit me from behind, knocking me to the ground.  Well, the thing that hit me from behind was a car (believe me, I knew instantly I had been hit by a car.  As a frequent pedestrian, this is one of my worst nightmares – a car loosing control and driving onto the sidewalk), which then went past me downhill and crashed into a lamp pole which it knocked over as it came to a stop (I wish I had taken a photo of the scene – you wouldn’t believe it).  I was not badly injured and so jumped up and ran to the driver’s door which I opened (thinking the driver had become incapacitated in some way) and asked if he was OK.  His airbags had gone off and he was pretty disoriented – he wasn’t aware of what had happened.  At which point the several people who had witnessed the accident came rushing over – one woman in particular was really concerned having seen me get hit.

The other witness (one of my trainers at my new gym.  Yes, Dunedin is that small) rang the police, and the ambulance arrived shortly thereafter.  Both myself, the driver and his young daughter were all Ok.  The car was quite smashed up and the lamp pole was completely knocked over.  But the witnesses were kind and stayed around to give statements to the police and were very glad I was OK (particularly the woman who saw me get hit – she gave me a hug before she left)

The intersection is a bit funny – it’s a 5 way, but the sidewalk I was on was separated from the street by a barrier of plants, etc.  So it wasn’t like the car just veered off the road a bit, he came flying down the sidewalk as though it were the road – a good 2 metres away from the actual street.

Yes, I am VERY lucky.  I honestly don’t know how I managed to get hit by a car (literally, you can see the bumper mark on the back of my calf on my jeans) and get pushed off to the side out of its way.  Especially as I was walking on the left hand side of the street, and the car hit my left leg (my right leg was nearest the road).  I’ve taken today off as my knee and ankle are both a little sore, and of course my calf is coming out in a decent bruise.

It was also a very interesting “NZ culture” experience – the ambulance staff barely even looked me over since I was standing up, and the police didn’t take my statement because I “hadn’t seen what was happening since the car hit me from behind”.  You can’t sue anyone in NZ because of ACC – no one is held liable because all accidents are covered by the government, whether you are a kiwi or not.  The police did say they would ring me on Monday.

So there you have it, I was hit by a car yesterday and walked away with nothing more than a scrape on my knee (which tore the hole in my jeans) and a few bruises..  I’m very VERY lucky that I’m OK.  I’m going to be a much more cautious pedestrian (I know you are cautioned against wearing headphones and walking, but still, I was on the pavement and hit from behind, I’m not sure what difference that would have made).  I don’t discount the fact that I didn’t end up under the car as anything other than a small miracle.  But I am still a bit bummed about my favourite jeans being ruined (they were Seven for all Mankind, ok?  Sure they were over 3 years old, but still, I can’t afford to replace them!).  What a crazy way to wrap up the week, eh?

Have you had any near death experiences?


2 thoughts on “I’m pleased that distressed denim is coming back

  1. Once, I was carpooling to work with Leah on 494 in Bloomington — super congested rush rush hour traffic, but we were still going pretty fast — and a semi truck changed lanes without looking, right where we were! I slammed on my brakes and we screeched to a stop and I found that my right hand involuntarily had reached over and was clinging to Leah. We very luckily didn’t get rear-ended and I didn’t even have time to think about honking the horn. My heart was still pounding 15 minutes later when I got to work. Very near miss if you ask me! If I hadn’t been able to brake so quickly we would have gotten sandwiched between the truck and a cement highway divider.

    On the flip side I almost side-swiped a motorcycle once, but he zoomed out of the way before it happened. That also really shook me up, knowing that I very nearly killed someone, and I made Ryan swear to be the most defensive motorcycle driver in the world because I will never forgive him if he dies on his motorcycle.

  2. Damn, dude :/ I’m glad you’re OK! That must have been really scary! I hate when drivers don’t respect pedestrian and cyclists. Sadly, this kind of thing happens all too often. Be safe!

    – Anna

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