The fashion upside of living at the End of the Earth

….And yes, there really is one.

Sure, many US and UK websites don’t ship “down under” (I use that term loosely as technically it refers to Australia – but NZ is technically down under too). Or if they do, they cost an arm, a leg, and your first unborn child.

But there is one “online shopping positive” about being in the southern hemisphere. Opposite seasons. And this means that at the end of every season up North, there are sales. Ok, admittedly if you are shopping for sandals in September like I am (even though sandal season in Dunedin is a very short Dec-Mar), the selection might be limited. But whatever is left is generally on SALE.

However, if you thought I was picky about shoes…  well, sandals are a whole different story.  Maybe I just have soft, tender feet but I have definitely owned some sandals in the past that have torn my feet to shreds.  And now with the walking everywhere lifestyle that I lead, any sandal must be not only comfortable, but walking comfortable.  Oh, and they can’t look like this:

Despite how comfortable these look… well, thats just it, they scream “COMFORT” and is that velcro??

Generally I look for genuine leather sandals with rubber soles – thicker soles are better (but not enough to be considered a heel), ergonomic design with arch support is ideal.  I also avoid any straps that go between the toes.  And the sandal must have an ankle strap. And leather is generally best if you want to avoid blisters.

So here are some of my sandal picks for this upcoming season.

Free people sandal $37 NZD (although beware – they have some bad reviews in terms of comfort in sizing! I think these could be overcome with some tricks of the trade, however. Mostly a thick pair of socks and a hairdryer to stretch out the leather straps)

Free People coastal Woven Sandal $110 NZD. But oh so gorgeous. I desperately would like to own these.  Bonus- they’re still appropriate if your work (like the lab here at uni) requires closed toe shoes for safety purposes

Ecco Odense Sandal in light gold (other colours also available) $87 USD but I’m sure they’d be worth every penny!

Clarks Indira Rule Sandal $109 NZD but they’re Clarks so they had better be comfortable!

Did I mention they come in tan as well?

Topshop ‘Helena’ Metal Trim Sandal $40.9 NZD! So cheap. Only 1 size left… My size!

Sam Edelman Embellished Sandal $118 NZD but so so gorgeous. Another pair I would simply love to own.

Franco Sarto ‘Gavin’ Sandal $64 NZD. Comes in 4 different colours but of course mustard yellow is my fave

Bella Vita Sade II – $49USD – come in a variety of colours and bonus, also come in wide

Which ones were your favourite? What are your thoughts on cute comfortable sandals (or are they as elusive as a narwhal?)?


2 thoughts on “The fashion upside of living at the End of the Earth

  1. my favorite thing about the warmer months is sandals. The older I get, the less I can tolerate uncomfortable shoes. I love the look of heels, but it’s kind of not worth it to wear them anymore. Those sandals are looking pretty cute…especially loving the Clarks sandals and the Helena

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