Super Savvy Sunnies

I’m in the market for some new sunnies.  After my experience doing several Dunedin Street Style posts, I realized that the must have fashion item here in Dunners are some Karen Walker sunglasses.  However, these beauties will set you back $329-399 NZD.  They go for around $250 on trademe.  I’m sorry, but there is no way in hell I’m paying that much for plastic.  I didn’t even pay that much for my prescription eyeglasses!  I’ve even googled things like “are expensive sunglasses worth it” (apparently they are more likely to better protect your eyes from UV rays, but I’m inherently skeptical).

So what is a budget fashionista to do?  Read other fashion blogs, of course.  Anna of melodicthriftychic is totally onto it and was rocking a pretty sweet pair of shades today.  So hey, there is this online sunglass retailer called ZeroUV that sell super sweet sunnies for about $10USD/pair.  AND from their website:

Not only are sunglasses a staple in fashion and appearance, zeroUV Sunglasses offer full eye protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays. In addition all eye wear meets the United States ANSI z80.3 Standard, as well as satisfies European CE Safety Compliance Standards.

Now, I know you can’t trust everything you read on the internet, but that makes me a little hopeful.  AND they ship internationally!

The most difficult decision?  Which pair to get!

Of course, these ones are $40, but bamboo, so cool!

Gold and glam?

On sale! $7.95!

Steampunk aviators?

Which ones do you like best?


10 thoughts on “Super Savvy Sunnies

  1. When did we start calling these things “Sunnies?” Is it that hard to say “sunglasses?” BLARG BLARG BACK IN MY DAY GARBLE YOU YUNGUN’S GET OFFA MAH LAWN.

      • Haha! You catch on quickly. I spent several of my college years teasing Elliot unrelentingly until he probably was a bit pissed off!

    • Sunnies = Kiwi slang. I’ve been here 6.5 years. Eventually some of the crazy slang was going to rub off on me and I refuse to apologize. Also, apparently I’ve picked up quite the accent. 😀

      • Half the time we can’t tell what you’re saying anymore!!! I’m all for fun slang, but do you have to abbreviate EVERYTHING? 😉 We’ve got to give you a hard time you know, but in the most endearing way.

      • Do I really abbreviate everything?!! LOL. 😛 Also, kiwis are not known for enunciating words. I guess it just happens.

  2. I want those bamboo sunglasses something fierce! They’re my favorite right now! I can’t wait to see which ones you buy and how you style them! ^___^ ❤

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