Finally! A long awaited outfit post!

I feel a little bit like I’ve just returned from the dead.  Well, I have, er…  sort of.  I’ve been laying at home for the past 3 days with a nice good old fashioned cold (you know, the I’m-finally-finished-with-my-PhD-I’ll-have-a-few-days-off-oh-my-body-has-decided-it’s-now-okay-to-succumb-to-some-sort-of-ailment).  I should have been catching all of you up with the outfit backlog, but instead I caught up on Dexter (I’m still only halfway through season 7).  In my defense, it’s really hard to blog about fashion when all you’re doing is laying around in pajamas and blowing your nose.

…But, I have returned!  I shall endeavor to get back into the regular updating groove.  I’m starting off by posting what I am wearing at this very moment.  I really thought this outfit looked better this morning.  Not sure what happened between my house and the University…  Oh well.

I am debuting my “thesis reward shoes” today.  Admittedly I have wore them the night I handed my PhD in (out to dinner) and the following day but didn’t manage to snag a picture of that seriously superior outfit.  It will rotate through again so don’t you worry.

necklace: Gottahave (, top: Portmans?, skirt: trademe, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Showpony (via Nasty Gal)

necklace: Gottahave (, top: Portmans?, skirt: trademe, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Showpony (via Nasty Gal)

But yes, these are my desperately sought after black and brown flat ankle boots.  The ones I nearly bought for my 30th (back in April) but instead thought better of it.  And lucky me, they went on sale for $80 USD in June, just in time for me to hand in my thesis.

I am slightly disappointed though – in my quest to purchase boots that go with everything, instead I find I want to pair them exclusively with black & tan outfits.  *sigh*  we’ll work on that.

On another front, being poor and virtually no shopping for months has made my wardrobe seem a little “meh”.  It’s going to be a struggle to create new, re-mixed ensembles as I have a tendency to create a look I really like and then just rotate that through.  I may have my work cut out for me (or I may have to go op-shopping).  I’ll keep you updated.


One thought on “Finally! A long awaited outfit post!

  1. Yay! A new outfit! Woah my f*cking god, those shoes! o_O ❤ Of course they're Jeffrey Campbell. Of course. Haha. Ahhh, I need to make more money! Fantastic skirt, too, by the way! The whole look has a palpable vintage vibe. I dig it! 😀 ❤

    – Anna

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