What to wear?

Maybe I’m ruining the surprise here a bit for those family and friends who follow my blog. I know *Spoiler alert! If you don’t want to know what my graduation gown will look like, stop reading now!*

My fashion conscious readers, read on!


























































































































Otago PhD regalia

So I must preface the rest of this post with “I can’t help but think a lot about graduation”. I really can’t. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who is a bit of an obsessive planner. Maybe I missed my calling as an events planner? Oh well. I must admit that I love anticipation! So I can’t help but think a lot about what I’ll do when I finish my PhD (particularly as I mentioned you get to a point where you feel the rest of your life is on hold while you are working on your degree), and of course, graduation.  Especially as at this point I am SO CLOSE to submitting!

<——- This is Otago’s PhD graduation regalia.

I can’t help but want to look pretty amazing on the big graduation day. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal (to me). So for months now I’ve been thinking about what sort of fabulous dress I’d like to rock on the big day. Originally, I was thinking a nice black dress. Some of the first pins I ever made to my fashion pinterest board were dresses with “graduation potential”.

But lately, instead I’ve been thinking that a cream or ivory dress would really set the maroon robe off quite well.  I keep thinking ivory chiffon dress for some reason.

…But I already own an ivory chiffon dress!

The first item I ever fell in love with on Modcloth

The first item I ever fell in love with on Modcloth

And surely graduation is an excuse to buy a NEW dress (unlike my Masters graduation, which I elected simply to wear a dress that was in my closet but had never yet been worn)?

2009, folks.  2009.

2009, folks. 2009.

I was pretty certain the internet was abundant with near limitless dress options, but clearly not. A lot of short cream dresses have a certain look (bridal, boho, lace or – and I cringe here – prom!).

Anyways, I think I weeded out most of the rubbish and found a few that were moderately appealing (keep in mind the event is graduation).

Modcloth Victorian Guide Dress $104.99

Cream and black embellished skater dress 57.00 GBP

Anthropologie Madeleine Dress $288

Anthropologie Wound Copper Dress $248

Seriously though, look at this fabric!! Love it.

Topshop embroidered skater dress $232 NZD

Also available in 3/4 sleeve for 195 GBP

Halston twist dress $255 USD

Long sleeve embroidered dress 75 GBP (I think I need this one regardless!)

ASOS embroidered dress $127 NZD

Thoughts? Which one do you like best?


3 thoughts on “What to wear?

  1. My favorites: Cream and black embellished skater dress, but my favorite is the Anthropologie Wound Copper Dress (and can I just say, her shoes are amazing too!) I think the copper looks like gold, which is very fitting for a PhD, just saying…

  2. The ModCloth Victorian dress and the ASOS embroidered dress are my favorites, though you will look stunning in any of these! ❤

    – Anna

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