Inspired Menswear. Yes. I really did say menswear.

Just a quick Sunday post. If you haven’t seen the Fall 2012 menswear collection by Prada, well… Check it out!  Ok, I realize Fall 2012 was sooooo last year but I have only just seen this collection recently and I honestly don’t even remember the last time I was even remotely excited about menswear.  Additionally, the ad campaign for the collection was off the hook.

Oh the details!  The tailored pockets.  The subtle, masculine use of colour and print.  The shoes.  Please please look at the shoes.

Here are some of my fave looks:

The cravat is back!

So retro!

Just wow.

Can we say lapels? And shoes!

Swooning over this incredibly dapper look!

Gary Oldman – the picture of men’s elegant dress.

Was the collection flawless? No. There were a few looks that I wasn’t a fan of – trench coats that looked like bathrobes or smoking jackets, and huge white puritanical inspired collars. But that’s fashion for you.


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