Clothing and shoe websites that offer free international shipping

I’ve had this post drafted for – literally – months now.  Considering the serious lack of posts lately, I decided it was time to just post it!

What I miss most about the USA is the great variety of goods available, and how easy it is to shop online.  Australia and NZ retailers just haven’t gotten onto the whole internet shopping at the same level – so often I find myself going back to US or even UK websites.  However, there is nothing more gutting than finding something fabulous only to realize that it cannot be shipped to your country.  Or, it can be shipped to your country, but only for some absolutely outrageous amount.

So, in my quest to add more fashion tips, I’ve decided to attempt to compile a list of websites that offer free international shipping (my apologies to my U.S. readers, but you’re in the U.S. so you have fewer problems with websites shipping to you than my non-U.S. readers).  I’ve also included sites that offer affordable shipping.

Sites with free shipping

  • ASOS – definitely the leader with free delivery.  They’re based in the UK so this one applies to the U.S. as well.  I was initially hesitant to order from them, but they are now providing more sizing info, so I took the risk and ordered a dress a while back and was very pleased with the service!
  • Free People – but only for your first order and if you sign up to their mailing list
  • NastyGal – Free worldwide shipping on orders over $150.  Which is awesome because they have the MOST AMAZING SHOES.
  • Dahlia – Free worldwide shipping on orders over ₤30.  And such cute stuff!
  • Shoes of Prey – Custom designed shoes for you.  Free worldwide shipping.  Admittedly, it doesn’t come cheap.
  • Urban Outfitters – Free international shipping on orders over $50.  [D recently exploited this and ordered 9 of these.  They came in two enormous boxes and probably cost a small fortune to ship!  There is no way they would have made any money from that sale.]
  • Topshop – downside is that your order has to be £100 (approximately $158 USD, $190 NZD at the time of conversion).  Admittedly I’ve never ordered from here.
  • Shopbop – Free express shipping on orders over $100.  Designer goods, so again the free shipping doesn’t exactly come cheaply.
  • Solestruck – Free U.S. shipping, Free international shipping on orders over $199 USD (as an aside, a huge stockist of Jeffrey Campbell)
  • Sheinside – Free worldwide shipping.  I’ve only just found out about this site and have never ordered.  Strikes me as a bit of a marketplace, products are often in limited sizes and general site layout is poor.
  • Romwe – Free worldwide shipping.  Pretty much like the site above – it looks like a marketplace – only 1 size in the items… I would call this “direct from China.”
  • Chicnova – As far as I can tell, free shipping.  Again, same as above.  Direct from china.  But with slightly better photos.

Sites with affordable shipping

  • Modcloth – Shipping is usually reasonable.  Depends on how many items you order, but around $15-30 USD.
  • – but beware that many sellers will not send items internationally
  • River Island – Free in the UK, but £10.00 to NZ and the USA.  Reasonable.  And their clothes are cute (and not too expensive)!

So what other sites have you come across that have either FREE or very affordable international shipping that I’ve missed out on?


6 thoughts on “Clothing and shoe websites that offer free international shipping

  1. I only recently discovered ASOS and ordered several accessories from them a while back. I look forward to shopping there for “real” clothes next year, I was quite pleased! 🙂

  2. This is a great list! I’ve ordered from ASOS twice (most recently a few days ago) and I’m a big fan of their free shipping and free returns! 😀

    – Anna

  3. I’ve ordered from Asos from the last 3 years and I LOOOVE IT!!
    just the shoes quality isn’t good and stinks your feet but everything else is 🙂

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