43 days and counting

How the heck did that happen? I’m pretty sure not that long ago I counted 100 days until I submit my PhD. Apparently that was ages ago because we’re down to 43, folks. 43!  That’s like, well, hardly anything and maybe not nearly enough to perfect my 200+  page document that I’ve spent years slaving and agonizing over and probably only 3 people (the examiners) will ever read (and only because they are paid to do it)!!  I need a giant counter on my blog, counting down the days until Doom – er, I mean submission – eh? (remember Y2K?) LOL.

Anyways, I shall endeavor to post regularly for the next 6 weeks but it really is crunch time. I shouldn’t even be writing this. I also shouldn’t be sleeping. I have even been skipping the gym (which I will pay for later, I’m sure).

Regardless, it’s been crazy lately.  This past weekend D & myself and my good friend did the Routeburn track with tramping club.  So I need to post about that.  And on Friday D & I are going to Melbourne (I’m going for a conference in Geelong, he’s going to see friends and also his Dad).

So if I was really onto it, I’d be doing a post about what to wear when traveling, how to pack smart, what to wear to a conference and finally about the fabulous shopping to be had in Melbourne.  In reality, tomorrow night and Friday morning I will throw some things into my giant suitcase (last time I went to Melbourne I did carry-on only, which was a fun challenge as my wardrobe had to be extremely concise and versatile – unlike my actual wardrobe – but this time since there is a conference involved and we’re going for more than a week I decided to just bring an entire giant suitcase).  Then I will shower, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and probably a hoodie and just fly super casual.  Then I’ll get to Melbourne and there will be a million super cool trendy expensive stores but I’ll probably be too shy to take pictures in or of them.  And I’ll inevitably forget to take photos of what I wear while I’m traveling…

So for the next 10 days or so (during which time my supervisors will be reading my entire thesis), there may not be many regular posts.  And then following the 4 weeks after that (at which point my 2 main supervisors leave to go to a different conference in Europe for 3 and 4 weeks respectively, meaning 1  comes back a mere 5 days before I submit and the other doesn’t come back until after…  but I shan’t go into that here), there will still probably not be many regular posts as I attempt to finish this thesis thing that seems to be taking over my life like a swirling vortex of plague ridden locusts or something.  Ah, the joys of the PhD.  Apparently these are the best years of my life, folks (though admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of that saying as it implies that I have nothing to look forward to.  And here is silly me, looking forward to being finished and gainfully employed, paying back my mountain of student loans).

Ok, enough of that.  The beast (thesis) calls.



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