Trend spotting – Autumn/Winter 2013

A while back, Emily asked me in a comment what the HOT trends were at the moment.  In a subsequent comment, fellow blogger Anna described herself by saying “I’m basically an out of touch old person” – I would like to steal this as my new fashion motto, and preface any trend predictions with that phrase.

Gosh, what are the trends right now?

To be honest, I only halfheartedly follow the trends.  It’s more like – I see something I like, or I try to fill a hole in my wardrobe.  For example, I still want something baroque inspired – even though I know that was a bit 2012 (although in my defense I have seen baroque items in store here in Dunedin recently).

I also want a slouchy metallic jersey, jumper, a bit like this.  Or something with a lot of texture.

Textured oversize jersey

But both of those are probably because we are about to go into Winter down here. Whereas in the northern hemisphere, I imagine you are fantasizing about spring and summer!

Another item I want is a corporate appropriate blouse. Specifically this particular blouse from ASOS that is no longer available. : (

So gutted I didn't buy this blouse when I first saw it!  Ah - regret regret!

So gutted I didn’t buy this blouse when I first saw it! Ah – regret regret!

I am also loving very full skirts. And the colour orange is moving up in my esteem (of course, my love for jewel tones will probably never die. Emerald [which is apparently the colour of the year according to Pantone], Magenta, royal blue, mustard/gold yellow… And now orange).

Loved this skirt and top combo on Anthropologie… only to read the description and then realize they are by NZ designer Karen Walker!! A sure sign that I have absorbed much of the kiwi fashion sense…

I’m also digging statement pendant necklaces.  Again, ala Karen walker.

Ultimately, how you choose to follow (or lead!) fashion and style really has to be an individual choice.  I am a bit anti-fashion at times.  For example, denim and chambray are all the rage right now.  Regardless, I refuse to wear a denim jacket, vest, top, shoes or dress (despite seeing a cute chambray dress on someone else the other day).  I would suggest being selective about trends that you follow.  Does the trend compliment your current style?  Will it work in with your existing wardrobe?  Will it look good on you (e.g. suitable for your body type, colouring, etc.)?

But on to some more general trends:

According to, we get to look forward to punk, menswear fabrics, men’s coats, pastel coats, ridiculous fur and mid-century styles for Fall.  I can barely contain my excitement (or my sarcasm).  I imagine the punk theme is the continuation of the stud trend that we had been seeing for quite some time.  I did surprise myself by eyeing up this jersey at Witchery the other week, but that is probably as far as I will go.

Here are some of my fave looks from Fall RTW ’13

Magenta is still hot (Anna Sui RTW 2013).  And the print is to die for.

Did I mention black and white? Also, this looks strangely reminiscent to the baroque print.  Oh, and tall boots are still a thing. Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 RTW

Even better. Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

Love this bold, stripey jacket. Gorgeous colours! Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 RTW

Love the details on this gorgeous, simple gown!

Emerald is also still trending. Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013 RTW

Basic black is still a safe bet, so is playing with proportion and textures. Chanel Fall 2013 RTW

50s style, full skirt, high waist belt. It’s still cool. Rochas Fall 2013 RTW

Love the prints, the style, the colours… Love love love. Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 RTW

Here are a few of the trends that I think will continue or you can be on the lookout for:

  • Proportion (e.g. skinny jeans and tunics or oversized tops/jackets).
  • Ankle boots
  • Black and white
  • 80s styles (much to my dismay!)
  • 1920s styles (think Downton Abbey, and of course, the Great Gatsby is coming out soon as well – think hats, pleats, long skirts, etc)
  • Bold prints, conversation prints, photo prints – prints prints prints!
  • Short dresses (knee length and above)

A few trends where I question their longevity (or can’t wait to see the end of):

  • Galaxy print (I loved this trend when I first saw it, but now it’s everywhere!)
  • Spiked shoes (they will be around for a bit longer but hopefully not much!)
  • Bodycon skirts and dresses (I must be getting old, but will this never go away?!)
  • Playsuits (they always look great in the marketing photos, but not real life)
  • Pin-up style
  • Maxi dresses (you know, the summery ones)

*   *   *

These are all just my thoughts at this moment.  I’m no expert.  And as you know, fashion is always changing so I expect that next week I’ll feel differently!  I hope I don’t offend anyone [I only say this as I started following a blog then read a post about skinny jeans and how they needed to be this and that pastel colour and not dark colours and I disagreed so much that I stopped following the blog].

Also, if you are interested to see some Australasian fashion, check out the Aussie fashion week Street Style photos here.

What were your fave looks from above? Any thoughts on upcoming trends? Dying trends? What trend do you wish would just disappear of the face of the Earth?


4 thoughts on “Trend spotting – Autumn/Winter 2013

  1. We regret that our opinions differ on this topic. We regret also that it resulted in the loss of a follower. Although your post does raise some good points, we are all entitled to our own definition of the word “fashion”. We hope to see you visiting our blog again and wish you good luck with receiving your PHD.
    -Anita and Ariana

    • Thanks for commenting. Individual and unique style is what makes fashion fun – the fact that everyone can be different and express themselves how they want!

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