What I wore Thursday

Hi team. Quick post today as I’m playing a bit of catchup. You may have noticed my lack of posts the past few days and I will post about that shortly.

However, in the meantime checkout today’s outfit. Autumn seems to be on its way (despite the sunshine in the photos – I promise it rained and was overcast for most of the day!). So I was able to bust out tights (I think the skirt is way cute – but without tights it is way indecent) and a heavier jersey. I also added this little vintage brooch which I bought several years ago for a Halloween costume. Today in my search for appropriate accessories (and a long pendant necklace was not going to suit) I rediscovered this brooch as it were and decided to rock it. Oh and yes, my accessories are in desperate need of organization. I am sure I will get around to it eventually. In the meantime, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

bag: Witchery (trademe), jumper: H & M (old), brooch: vintage, skirt: trademe, boots: dr marten

bag: Witchery (trademe), jumper: H & M (old), brooch: vintage, skirt: trademe, boots: dr marten

brooch detail

brooch detail

Oh, and I almost forgot- Frugal February and Miserly March are OVER! Yay! I survived! And, considering I’m a PhD student on a budget, I am seriously reluctant to make any clothing purchases despite loving those Jeffrey Campbell Showpony boots. *Sigh* Once I finish my PhD and get an amazing high paying job, I shall treat myself to shoes. Honestly, I know it was only 2 months and there are many other bloggers out there doing a year, but even 2 months was, I think, enough to help me change my shopping habits. I would like to think I am a much more considerate consumer now. Better yet, I’ve built up some savings which I must admit I am very reluctant to part with. So I’m going to continue this trend of frugality. Because I believe it is probably the way forward.


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