Bags Bags and more Bags

After posting this week about Dunedin Street Style, and realizing the importance of a really great bag, I’ve had to scour the internet for some fabulous bags to share with you. As you well know, I’m a budget sort of girl. But a large, high quality bag adds so much strength to an outfit that I’m going to suggest sucking it up and saving it up to invest in one [I’m not talking about spending thousands on a Louis Vuitton or Prada anything – that is a type of conspicuous consumption that I’m not a fan of]. Read on to see what I mean.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have picked up on the fact that I refuse to wear cheap shoes. I do far too much walking, so durable, well-made comfortable shoes are an absolute must. Generally this means genuine leather (sorry if you’re reading this and you’re vegan or anti-leather). The same applies to bags. Genuine leather is the only way to go (in my humble opinion). I would also avoid light colours because if you’re anything like me, your bag will quickly start to look a bit, er, filthy. Not a great look to be sure.

I’ve tried trademe for bags before and have had mixed luck. Sometimes you get something great (like my 2 witchery bags) but often times you get junk. It’s difficult to determine size, quality, etc. I would suggest that getting bags on trademe only works if you are already familiar with the brand. Here are a couple of auctions that look interesting:

Country Road Tote $55 or buy now $60, Ends Apr 3


Up-cycled leather bag, Buy now $129.50 ends Apr 1

However, sites like Amazon, etc. are quite good as well. So here are some other bags worth noting:

Gorgeous genuine leather shopper from ASOS ($150 NZD)


Stunning ASOS printed Bowler Bag – Genuine leather and only $140 NZD

If colour is more your style, this large, bright Amerileather bag is only $118 NZD

Maybe texture is your thing. If so, here is another Amerileather bag for $113 NZD

Beautiful tan embossed bag ($199 USD)

The Sak gorgeous large bag ($99 USD on Amazon)

FRYE Cameron Satchel – gorgeous but not cheap at $448.00 USD on Amazong

The Sak bucket bag – a bargain at $104 USD on Amazon

Rebecca Minkoff bag – comes in a multitude of colours ($370-495 USD on Amazon)

Plain and simply may be best for an investment piece. Rebecca Minkoff ($495 USD on Amazon)

FRYE campus cross body bag ($297 USD on


Ok, it’s small and not genuine leather – but I love this striking little bag from ASOS. ($50 NZD)

A one of a kind tooled bag on Etsy ($250 USD)


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