Catch up: What I wore Monday

How is it Wednesday already?!  And Easter just around the corner (eek!).  More importantly – time ticking away on my PhD.  I feel really guilty writing this but I also need to keep posting – at least semi-regularly.  I will do my best!  I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who has a great blog and posts regularly and then suddenly just disappears without explanation.  Leaving you the loyal reader wondering – what happened?  And thinking the worst.  At least you, dear reader, will know that if I disappear, I will have been sucked into the vortex of trying to finish a thesis.

It’s actually been a super busy and productive week.  I’ve essentially been given the go-ahead for my final experiment.  Even though we haven’t spent months and months planning it and agonizing over the details like one of my other experiments…  It is somewhat more straightforward but still there are details to do with experimental set-up that need to be sorted.

Anyways, so this week I only have Monday’s outfit so far.  Yesterday was crazy and even though I had a fab outfit (plaid and polka-dots mixed) I was too busy to get a photo.

Today as well has been crazy.  Scott and I are planning another Dunedin Street Style post so I spent some time this afternoon talking to people around campus about their clothing.  All of this takes time.  Oh, also it was beautiful and sunny and warm so D and I decided to get ice creams (the priority of PhD student’s lives!!  Actually, the priority of all student’s lives on a day like today.  The queue at rob roy [the dairy closest to uni and with the cheapest ice creams] was insane.).  For those of you in the northern hemisphere digging out of your most recent snow dump and wondering where the hell spring and summer have gone?  Yeah, they’re here in New Zealand and we’re holding them hostage.

necklace: feed my starving children, cardigan: portmans (old), skirt: bcbgmaxazria, tights: celeste stein, shoes: mood by me custom brogues

necklace: feed my starving children, cardigan: portmans (old), skirt: bcbgmaxazria, tights: celeste stein, shoes: mood by me custom brogues

Where do I begin with this outfit? It was actually based around the skirt, which I picked up on clearance in MN over 2 years ago at the BCBG outlet. It was a good size or so too large but I loved it (brown, linen, nice length, a-line) so bought it anyways and thought “I’ll just take it in”. Fast forward and I finally got around to actually doing some of the sewing on my alterations pile last weekend, including that skirt. Believe it or not, it was nicely ironed at the beginning of the day. *sigh* linen! I paired it with a mustard yellow cardi that I love but for some reason haven’t worn much recently. I bought it years ago on clearance when we still had a Portmans here in Dunedin – I was sad when it closed as it was the one store I would actually go into, look around, and see things I liked and wanted to buy (a rare thing for the Dunedin store offerings). I wonder if the bold 70s tights and the yellow brogues are a little too much – but clearly I just went with it regardless. Probably because those were literally the only shoes to match the skirt that I own…

My apologies for a semi-rambly post but honestly need to do some thesis work now. Happy shopping!


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