My New Zealand bucket list

If you have read this blog with any regularity, I think it is safe to say that you have probably gleaned that I am an extremely goal oriented person.  It has probably always been this way.  Obviously my goal at the moment is to finish my PhD and then very shortly thereafter, land a really excellent high paying job.

My last post about things you were supposed to have achieved by age 30 made me think a little bit more about bucket lists.  I feel my time here in NZ will probably come to an end very soon.  Who knows, I may get a job here, but if I do, I think it will be a postdoc at best, and extend my NZ stay only by another 1-2 years.

I’ve been here 6 years.  I’ve lived in Dunedin longer than I’ve lived in Minneapolis.  I’ve lived in NZ for more of my adult life than I have lived in Minnesota.  It’s safe to say that I’ve seen a lot of this stunning country.  In fact, I probably know the geography of NZ possibly better than MN.  My pronunciation of NZ place names is certainly less painful (Whangarei?  Te Anau?  Rotorua?  Lake Rotoiti?  Tauranga?  I’m getting there).  When discussing Australia, I say “Mel-bin” instead of “Mel-born”.  Yeah, I’ve been here a long time.

But I haven’t seen everything yet!  So here is my NZ bucket list:

  1. Walk all of the Great Walks (this leaves Heaphy, Routeburn, Abel Tasman, Tongariro circuit, Rakiura and Lake Waikaremoana).  The Hump Ridge is technically not a great walk but I’m adding it to the list.
  2. Lake Angelus Hut
  3. Stewart Island (Rakiura great walk would cover this one!)
  4. The far North (Whangarei, Cape Reinga, 90 mile beach)
  5. Skydiving
  6. Have a Hangi
  7. Dinner at Fleur’s

Hmm…  I have a lot left to achieve before I leave!


One thought on “My New Zealand bucket list

  1. [Stern voice:] I don’t want to hear a WORD about you staying another 1 or 2 years, young lady!!! Do you hear me?!?!?
    Anyway — it’s great to think about what you want to do and see, because now’s your chance and the rest of this year will fly by.

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