Product review: Mood by me custom shoes

I’m not really huge into reviewing products but I do want to share my experience with custom shoes. I was (and still am slightly) obsessed with getting some custom oxfords/brogues in an interesting colour combo. I finally ended up ordering some from Mood by Me as they were more or less the cheapest option. They didn’t ship to NZ of course, but luckily my sister is in London so I had the shoes sent to her and she was able to send them on to me.

My Mood by Me custom brogues

This is a case of you get what you pay for. The shoes were not cheap by any means. They even had a promo going so I saved 15% off my order. All up, they cost $160 NZD.

So first off, they don’t ship to NZ so I had to beg favors to get them sent. Second, they took FOREVER to arrived. I ordered by in January and received them now. So about 8 weeks all up (including about a week for shipping from the UK).

Third – they aren’t a perfect fit. I possibly made the mistake of ordering a half size small, but UK size conversions – it was all a bit confusing. I did include my foot measurements so I’d like to think they worked from those but… they’re a hair snug. Not enough to not be wearable (or for me to have the hassle of sending all the way back to the UK) but… not perfect.

Fourth – the leather is super thin. They claim to use the finest quality materials, 100% full grain leather. And yes, the leather is real. But it is very thin for shoes. I am honestly very dubious as to how long these will last. I’ve already treated and polished them with leather protector, but I’m skeptical. I’m thinking 1-2 years at most with very infrequent wearing. The base of the shoe is thin too. If I had been smarter, I would have gotten a half size bigger and bought insoles to put inside to make them more comfortable.

However, on the upside – they do look exactly like the image generated in the designer.

Note the creases in the leather after half a day a of wear!

Note the creases in the leather after half a day a of wear!

But next time, despite the much higher price, I will be ordering from Shoes of Prey, who have free worldwide delivery included in the price, and delivery within around 5 weeks. Although, it is more difficult to determine what your shoe will actually look like as I reckon the Shoes of Prey design software isn’t quite as good as the Mood by Me software. And yes, I promise to do a review (I will order some either when I finish my PhD – as a reward – or to wear to my PhD graduation – as fabulous shoes are an absolute must when crossing the stage).

Would you consider ordering custom shoes? If so, or if not – why? General thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Product review: Mood by me custom shoes

  1. I ordered a trenchant from mood by me. I thought the quality was very poor. They do have good software and it’s fun to design the product but the actual results are cheaply and badly made.

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