Fabulous Frock Friday: Mar 22

So I lie. I actually had “fabulous frock Thursday” this week because, well, I just felt like it. I have some fabulous items other than frocks so I may want to have a fabulous _____ Friday instead… who knows!

Anyways, re-mixing my Modcloth “My Sedona” dress that I acquired in the Cabin Fever sale back in January. So cute right? I didn’t really have a cardi that matched, so in an attempt to break away from my matchey-matchey ways, I went with a green cardi. I think it works.

sunglasses: roc (old), cardi: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, necklace: modcloth, shoes: OTBT Hutchinson boot

sunglasses: roc (old), cardi: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, necklace: modcloth, belt: cotton on, shoes: OTBT Hutchinson boot

We are having a bit of an Indian Summer here in NZ at the moment (oh, and also the worst drought in 80 years… although it’s hitting farmers, and particularly the north island much worse than the south island). So I am making use and wearing my summery items for as long as possible! All too soon it will be back to cool, cloudy, rainy then cold, cloudy, rainy for months and months on end.

I’m also keeping with an attempt not to be TOO matchey-matchey with my super orange skirt (I wish it was maybe just a hair more of a muted orange. I mean, it seems nearly neon to me so I find it difficult to pair with other items in my wardrobe since I wear a lot of muted/murky colours). I paired it with a mustard yellow top and plummy purple cardi. I know. A few months ago I probably would not have paired all these colours together. Of course, my desire to colour co-ordinate comes out in the yellow and brown brogues which – yes, they are new and this is their debut on my blog. They are custom made from Mood by Me – I bought them back in January (before the shopping ban) but just received them from my sister in the UK this week. : D No comments on them yet so they must not be as cute as I think they are! I didn’t think yellow shoes were that commonplace these days but perhaps I was mistaken (actually, I myself have 3 pairs now that I think about it. But I’m a golden/mustard yellow loving freak so I don’t know how I compare to others).

top: my ex-work, cardi: my ex-work, skirt: Max, necklace: rockbourne (Dunedin shop), shoes: Mood by me (custom brogues)

top: my ex-work, cardi: my ex-work, skirt: Max, necklace: rockbourne (Dunedin shop), shoes: Mood by me (custom brogues)


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Frock Friday: Mar 22

  1. I read your blog post about the custom shoes you ordered. I think they look great with your outfit! It’s rad that you got to make your own shoes. I’d love to do that, if only to have shoes that FIT! My shoe size (10.5) is just the worst. It’s hardly ever carried by my favorite on-line stores. So, yeah, maybe one day I’ll save up enough coin to craft a pair of shoes that will go with everything and that I can wear straight to my coffin. Heh.

    So jealous of the nice weather you are having! Spring is taking forever to make an appearance here! Arg! ❤

    – Anna

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