100 days and counting

Happy Wednesday.

It’s been a busy week. I have done a lot today, but not much on my PhD, to be perfectly honest. I was on the radio this morning for about 30 min talking about my research – which was kind of fun! The link isn’t up yet, but it should be up soon. Click here for past episodes of the local Dunedin Radio One post grad show.

Then it was off to finally officially submit my visa. My FBI background check (I was stressing about getting fingerprinted last week) actually arrived today (yes, that was very fast). I only needed to submit my application showing that I had requested the background check, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get the results, and once you submit the visa application, you only have a window of 14 days to submit the report or your visa will be declined. I was going to submit it today anyways, figuring I had given my prints 7 days to make their way to the USA and surely I would get them back within the next 2 weeks. Obviously it is even easier to submit your visa application if you already have the report!

Then I had lunch with D (FYI, we have lunch together nearly every day. Yes, we pretty much live in each others’ pockets). Then I had journal club. And now I need to run off and get some socks for a bit of pre-testing of my next experiment. Then I’m going to the gym, and then it will be nearly the end of the day. D and I have decided we need to do late nights at uni more often, so have concocted a plan where one of us walks home, collects dinner (unless it’s a night when I’m cooking, then I will have to make dinner), then drives back to uni, dinner in tow. So we’ll have dinner together, then work until 9-10 pm and then drive home. Tonight will be the trial.

Seriously, 100 days and counting. This PhD isn’t going to finish itself. And D has a long way to go if he’s going to finish by Xmas. So we both need to get into gear. A work heavy routine will hopefully facilitate PhD productivity!

Now, on to what I wore Tuesday. Autumn has officially started to arrive with much cooler temps – so I thought it was safe to start busting out the wool skirts. This one is one I picked up in Jan from a vintage clearance sale for $5. I love this colour combo, don’t you?

scarf: trademe, top: my ex-work, skirt: vintage (Modern Miss - Dunedin), shoes: Dr. Martens (old)

scarf: trademe, top: my ex-work, skirt: vintage (Modern Miss – Dunedin), shoes: Dr. Martens (old)

I’m not entirely sure I’m convinced by today’s ensemble. I wanted to wear the free nautical scarf. I was wishing I had nautical tights, but settled for forest green tights (remnants of my halloween costume as Peter Pan – not even joking) and some legwarmers I haven’t worn in years. Cute, visible socks are definitely trending at the moment, especially paired with boots. So this is my interpretation!

scarf: free from a friend, top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, leg warmers: shop ruche, boots: dr. martens Blake boot

scarf: free from a friend, top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, leg warmers: shop ruche, boots: dr. martens Blake boot

A different angle...

A different angle…

Also, I’ve resisted the Modcloth Stylish Surprise – even though they still have my size left. I’m enjoying exercising my frugality muscle. Which it really is – a muscle to be strengthened.

Since this is such a random post mostly about me me me, I must say I was very sad and surprised to hear one of my bestest of best friends back in MN broke her leg! I just found out via FB (as you do) and am feeling so incredibly out of the loop and wishing I was there to give her a big hug. I haven’t had the full details yet, but nothing makes you feel more isolated and far away as when something medical or health-wise happens to a close friend or family member and you simply have no idea what is going on. And of course, you are hoping someone is there to take care of and support your friend/loved one since you cannot! Another aside, broken legs seem to be the trend at the moment since my flatmate is also in a cast with a fractured ankle! Stay healthy, everyone!


3 thoughts on “100 days and counting

  1. The first outfit is my favorite. The colors are so perfect! It just looks like Spring. I can’t believe that maroon skirt was just $5! Awesome! 😀

    I really like your green tights, boots and scarf in the second photo. I loooove dark green tights. I’ve wanted to get a pair, but I feel like it would just look weird on my skin tone. Meh. Hehe.

    – Anna

    • Thanks! Haha – yes I think the forest green tights are a little – I don’t know – Robin Hood or something but I love green so I really should wear them more often!

      And yes – that vintage sale here was awesome. I scored 4 skirts for $5 or $10 each, and an equally cheap belt. There were more expensive vintage items, of course, but I am one for a bargain whenever possible! : D

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