Etsy stalking the most fabulous accessories

Hi all. As you may have noticed, I’ve been stalking etsy lately for a variety of jewelery, hair accessories (which I posted about recently), you name it. I wish I could buy everything!! But here are a selection of my favourite stand-out items at the moment.

Comic bubbles bracelet $36.99 USD

Linen necklace $15.49 USD

Map print bobby pins $13.90 USD

Multi hued fingerless gloves $42.00 USD

Gold and Black bobby pin set $24.00 USD

Mushroom shadowbox necklace $39.99 USD

Gorgeous fingerless gloves $38.00 USD

This ring is gorgeous and I need to own it. A whopping $14.00 USD

Now these are gorgeous! $40.00 USD

I never wear rings (I’m afraid I will lose them and several are too large), but this is so cute! $65.00 USD

Vintage carnival bracelet (reminds me of the MN state fair!!) $36.99

R (for Rebecca, of course!) ring $35.00 USD

Leather bracelet $25.90 USD

Stunning, stunning art deco necklace $50.00 USD

Which is your fave from above?


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