Dunedin ID fashion week

I would be a poor excuse for a fashionista if I didn’t at least make mention of the fashion to-do currently happening in Dunedin this week: ID fashion week.

Last night was the emerging designers show – the only show I would have any interest in attending as this is where the more interesting (aka non-commercial) fashion is shown. However, with tickets at $50/person and me on a strict budget at the moment, it just didn’t happen.

The full Fashion ID shows occur tonight and tomorrow night at the Dunedin Railway Station. There is a big song and dance about how it’s the world’s longest runway, etc. etc.

Collection by iD International Emerging Designer Award winner 2013 Rakel Blom

Part of me is quite bitter about the entire show. I have attended in the past (4 or so years ago?) and lets start by saying the models are absolutely rubbish. I know it’s only Dunedin and there is a lack of talent but if you’re going to have 16 year old girls walk down the runway, at least teach them how to walk. I found them so bad it was distracting from the garments.

Then there is the whole thing about Fashion ID nearly going bankrupt and having no sponser and not enough money to continue (despite designers having to pay to be in the show, pay to be in the big designer sale that takes place the weekend before the show, oh, and actual customers also have to pay $5 to get entrance to the designer sale…). Then there are all the tickets at $50/person for 3 shows. Thousands of tickets in total…

And the selection criteria to be entered into the show is somewhat… flexible.

I know most of this based on my ex-work. So that is probably where part of the bitter association comes in (my ex-work was in last year’s show and involved a lot of hard work for us. But the bosses didn’t bother to buy my co-worker and I tickets to see all our hard work in action. I would have thought that would have been a common courtesy – there was only the 2 of us. However, I was invited to come along and “help backstage to dress models” during the show if I wanted. Needless to say I declined that “honour”).

Anyways – that’s my Dunedin fashion ID post. Or probably more fitting in my case, the Anti-Dunedin Fashion ID post…


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