NZ visa application

Hi readers!  A quick update on my lack of fashion related post for today.

The student visa.  Even though I had been working on my application for weeks and thought that I had everything I needed, oh no.  I had a very rude awakening today as I went to submit my application when I found out that in addition to the full medical that I had provided, I also needed to provide another police certificate.


My visa expires at the end of this month.  Fortunately, getting fingerprinted isn’t a problem.  And I found an FBI – approved Channeler who will email me my results (e.g. my results should arrive sooner rather than later).  You can submit your application without the police certificate, simply with evidence that you have applied for one, but you need to receive your new police certificate within 15 days of your visa form’s application, or it will be declined. 

What a headache (to put it mildly).  Working through an application, getting the medical forms, now the police certificate (which I haven’t had to supply since my very first visa back in 2007, thanks NZ for changing the immigration requirements since then, btw)…  It has taken days.  Hours.  Literally all morning was spent waiting in offices, running around acquiring the right documents and getting fingerprinted only to realize I was fingerprinted on the wrong form and now I need to go back again tomorrow feeling like a complete ass.

Even though I have done this all before (his is my third time for the medical checks) I am just as frustrated.  It just seems so ridiculous and over the top.  A general physical?  A chest X-ray to make sure I do not have TB (even though I am from a low-risk country, the USA, and have been living in a low-risk country, NZ, and generally stay away from the possums here – that was a joke, but NZ possums are honestly infected with TB…  I still might have somehow contracted TB?!). 

And now police checks.  And let’s not forget that it costs me $400 NZD for the medicals, $200 NZD for the actual visa, and now another $50 USD for my police certificate.

All so I can stay a few more months to finish my PhD.  It’s just ridiculous.  I am so angry/frustrated. 


3 thoughts on “NZ visa application

  1. Christ, that’s insane. It was only a couple hundred when I was living in Japan. I guess they don’t leave you with much choice, though, huh? =/ I’m sorry about all of this. Hopefully, you can get past this and just focus on your education. I imagine it would be hard to concentrate right now.

    Take it easy!

    – Anna

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