Fabulous Frock Friday: Mar 8

I am really digging fabulous frock friday. It probably suggests my highly routine/organizing/planning nature (um, can we say type A personality)? With just a touch of OCD… Regardless, Friday is always easy. Although it does make me less likely to wear my dresses on other days of the week… I imagine I’ll get over that eventually as I own a lot of dresses (particularly impressive since I don’t think I brought a single dress with me to NZ 6 years ago… and I probably only owned a handful when I left MN back in 2007).

But first, we’d better do a quick catch up with Thursday. I wore re-mixed vintage. Vintage jacket which I’ve never worn because it is, well, very bright yellow. However, it finally made it into the rotation! Yay! I paired it with one of the vintage skirts from my boss of my ex-work. Also, the weather is back to being typical Dunedin-ish (e.g. totally unpredictable) and in the morning it was cold, hence the really nana-ish looking nude tights. Also, I agree the jeffrey campbell oxfords are probably not the best choice but honestly it was too cold to have bare legs so the usual brown sandals weren’t an option.

jacket: vintage, camisole: my ex-work (old), skirt: vintage, shoes: jeffrey campbell x free people

jacket: vintage, camisole: my ex-work (old), skirt: vintage, shoes: jeffrey campbell x free people

Today’s fabulous frock is one that I’ve had for a while. I love the colours and print (thank you, Modcloth). However, the fabric is crap. My backpack caused major pilling on the back, and even though I’ve only worn it all of 3 or 4 times, the fabric looks old. Someone clearly did not do any pilling tests on this fabric. It’s 100% Rayon FYI. Will definitely be avoiding that one in the future. Also, FYI, pilling is reasonably easy to prevent. There is literally almost no excuse for garments to pill. It’s a simple and easy test to carry out (there are Standards – hello Martindale machine or pilling box tester), and even more so, we know how pills are formed! Manufacturers know how to prevent them. Fabrics that do pill is a sign of cheap, sloppy manufacturing. Honestly, almost nothing disgusts me more.

Essentially, pilling occurs because the fibres work their way loose from the yarns. The fibres then entangle, and create a pill. You often get pills in blends because one fibre is stronger than the other, so the stronger fibre anchors the pills of the weaker fibre onto the fabric (they don’t break off). Increasing the yarn twist prevents pilling, however it also means that your fabrics aren’t going to be as soft. E.g. this is why your nice soft fluffy sweater/jumper/jersey – especially if it’s from say, Glassons, Target, H & M, Forever 21 – a cheap store – pills almost instantly. I generally avoid fluffy sweaters/jumpers/jerseys from anywhere cheap. Because they will pill. And what is the point in having a nasty ratty cheap pilled jumper?

Alas… I digress. Safe to say I am just not a fan of pilling. Ah, the difficulty of being a textile scientist. And having worked as a tech designer… Not only do I want nice, quality fabrics, but I want garments that fit well too (which, hopefully you don’t see me wearing things on this blog and think to yourself – that doesn’t fit at all. That would be embarrassing). Needless to say, I am reasonably demanding when it comes to apparel.

Right, back to today’s outfit. In the past I would pair this with navy tights – easy and coordinating, right? Well, I took a page from the modcloth stylists and decided to go with mustard tights (and mustard earrings) as well. I must say I’m pleased. There is hope for me and my matchy-matchy ways yet! : D

earrings: modcloth, cardi: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, shoes: doc martens (old)

earrings: modcloth, cardi: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, shoes: doc martens (old)

a close-up of the earrings

a close-up of the earrings

Happy Friday all! I’ll be slaving away on my thesis this weekend. Lots of work to do re-jigging my chapters and making a coherent story. Sadly, the pilling rant from above will not be included.


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