Growing out a pixie cut

I mentioned a while back that I have decided to grow out my hair.  Despite the fact that I LOVE my short hair and really think I suit my short hair.  I will have this haircut again in say – 5 years time?  But I am young enough to get away with long hair, and as you get older, I think it’s harder and harder to have long hair, so enjoy it while you can, right?  Also, it’s too easy to get stuck in a hair rut.

So yes, I am growing out my hair.  And it is just about approaching the awkward length.  I imagine it is going to be a rather awkward length for at least another 4-6 months.  Joy.  However, after reading other blogs about growing out pixie cuts, I have a plan.

Hair accessories (to distract from the unruliness or unmanageableness of the length).

I used to make and sell fabric flower hair accessories on etsy.  I have like, about 30 fabric headbands at home.  I can’t wear any of them because my hair is actually too short.  However, my alligator clip hair flowers stay in amazingly well (I may have to whip up some new ones).  But, to be perfectly honest, I’m a bit over flowery fabric hair accessories.  So here are my top picks for hair growing camouflage:

Crochet hat on Etsy $18 USD

Etsy Beaded headband $25.50 USD

Etsy beaded headband $17.96 USD

Etsy Beaded headband $18 USD

Etsy barette $7.50 USD

Etsy rustic headband $18 USD

Etsy Collage headband $40 USD (gasp! I know)

Etsy Owl Headband $26 USD

Etsy Antique Brass headband $26 USD

Etsy Woodland bobby pins $23 USD

Which one/s are your fave?


6 thoughts on “Growing out a pixie cut

  1. I love them all!! That antique brass one is pretty fab and I also like the beaded one. My style in accessories is a bit understated though 🙂 Not like you crazy kiwi fashionista!

  2. I totally have the same concerns about pulling off long hair when you’re older. I can tell you how NOT to grow out a pixie haircut…speaking from very painful, well-documented experience. But it looks like you have it all figured out and I look forward to watching it grow (though the pixie is adorbs too) 🙂 Love the headbands!

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