Dunedin Street Fashion

Or maybe this post should have been entitled: Otago University Street Fashion – since that is essentially what we were capturing.

First off, this would not have happened without my friend Scott, a fantastic photographer who did this just for fun.  And of course, a huge thanks to those folks who let us photograph and interview them.  My apologies if I have incorrectly spelled anyone’s names, etc.  I’m new at fashion journalism.

The great thing about living in a university city is the very vibrant energy that it has when university is in session.  The fashion is definitely more varied.  Certainly we didn’t even come close to capturing all the types of fashion seen around the university, but hopefully this will give a bit of an idea.

Kirstie & Alex:

Kirstie & Alex

Kirstie & Alex

What a cute couple! Kirstie made the skirt herself! Her mom taught her to sew from a young age. The top is from Max – she purchased it when she was on the lookout for a top with crochet collar. She’s a fan of Max because of the quality of the clothing and the nice fabrics. She loves gold accessories, and her most wished for fashion item for autumn is a pair of boots. Alex admitted that Kirstie picks out most of his clothes – in fact they were off to do a bit of shopping for him when we ambushed them!

Dunedin Street Fashion - February 2013

detail – Kirstie’s top

Jess & Penny:

Jess was wearing her favourite dress which she inherited from a roommate.  Her bag was from an op-shop – which is where she does most of her shopping.  The best Dunedin op-shops, FYI, are the Recycle Boutique and Butterflies.  Penny was wearing an A & F tee and a cotton-on skirt, and does most of her shopping from ASOS.  Jess’s most coveted autumn item is a fierce pair of Jeffrey Campbell Patent Black heels with spikes.

Jess & Penny

Jess & Penny




Josh is one of the several very stylish guys we saw that afternoon (a well-dressed man is sometimes a rare thing in Dunedin! Any guys reading this? You must believe me that there is almost nothing more attractive than a man with a clear sense of style. Except for maybe a well-dressed man holding an ice cream cone, or a cupcake. You get the idea). He was wearing a cowl neck top from ASOS. He’s had it a while, and felt that it phases in and out. He’s also wearing an Otago Uni staple – Chuck Taylors. His go-to items of the moment are black skinny jeans – he recommends the Unconditional brand on ASOS, black shorts and button-up shirts. He prefers shopping online because there is greater variety than shops, and you can find more specific items. His main fashion influence is street style, and fashion blogs on tumbler. He also had some very wicked tattoos.

Josh - detail

Josh – detail




We stopped Jess because we were in love with her amazing bag. Seriously amazing. The bag was a Christmas gift from her mum. Her shorts are from World, and her shirt is her mum’s as well (and yes, her mum knows she has it as they often share clothing!). She loves accessories, and nearly all of her rings had sentimental value, as one was her grandmother’s. When we asked her what she wore on a night out last, she said her LBD (of which she owns 3). But her favourite dress is by Australian Designer Charlie Brown (whom admittedly I had never heard of and had to google), but the one she wears the most often is probably her sleeveless LBD. LOL, we had to explain to Scott that your favourite dress and the dress you were most often are not necessarily the same dress. When asked if she would ever wear her pjs to the 2-4, she said: never!

Jess's fabulous bag

Jess’s fabulous bag

Georgia & Gracie:

Georgia & Gracie

Georgia & Gracie

Georgia was wearing her favourite Decjuba bag, the Otago Uni staple Chuck Taylors, and very cool Karen Walker glasses. Gracie was wearing Windsor Smith orange clogs from Australia, and a Karen Walker dress. Her sunnies were from Vietnam. Her fave accessories are her watch and her sunnies. When we asked them what their most coveted item for autumn was if price was no object, Gracie said she doesn’t look anymore because she’s too depressed at her lack of funds now that she’s a student. Gracie suggested an Iphone for Georgia, so we had a discussion as to whether or not an Iphone was a fashion accessory… Georgia said she wanted a duffle or shearling coat. We also asked what would happen when the beloved Decjuba bag dies and she said she’ll definitely get another one!

Gracie's mint-green watch

Gracie’s mint-green watch




Charlotte is representing the post-grad faction of Dunedin street style in today’s post. She was wearing a dress from wildpair, a necklace from a market and her ring was purchased on the Taeri train trip. She gets most of her clothing in stores, but likes to pick up jewellery from antique shops and markets. Her fave accessory is long necklaces (of which she has too many to count). When asked whether she would ever wear her pjs to the 2-4, she said she has, several times! She explained that she used to live very close and would occasionally pop over in the evenings for a muffin.

A close-up of Charlotte's gorgeous jewellery & nails

A close-up of Charlotte’s gorgeous jewellery & nails

So there you go!  A sampling of Dunedin’s Otago Uni students street fashion.

All photos owned by Macshane Photography.  Please do not use without permission.


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