Sneak Peak: Dunedin Street Fashion

Last week, my friend Scott suggested we do a bit of a street fashion session. He’s a photographer and with my blog, we thought it would be fun.

Today around lunchtime we staked ourselves out in front of the Otago Museum, where we had lots of foot traffic. I would then approach random people (who just happened to be wearing cool clothes) and ask them if they were willing to let us photograph them, as well as tell us a little bit about their outfit. Let’s just say that approaching people randomly is always a bit scary (I absolutely failed my first attempt when I asked – “Do you have 5 minutes to spare?” I found that saying “Hello! I write a fashion blog, do you mind taking a few minutes to talk about what you are wearing?” worked much better).

Anyways, it was actually super fun talking to random people about fashion. I actually felt like I learned heaps:

  1. I think a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses would not go amiss in my wardrobe.
  2. I clearly do not accessorize enough.  When was the last time I wore a bracelet or a ring (although, in my defense I have freakishly small wrists and old lady hands…  neither of which I really want to draw attention to)?!

So lookout for that post in the next couple of weeks or so!

And of course, if you’re going to be stopping passers-by on the street, what better to wear than a skirt with naked swimming people on it? I’m not even joking.

This skirt has a kind of longish history. It’s from Modcloth, of course. Purchased in 2011 during my post-break-up shopping binge. I saw it and it was one of those I-simply-cannot-live-without-that moments. Even though it cost a small fortune and is easily the most expensive skirt I’ve ever owned (Eva Franco, FYI). And this is the first time I’ve worn it.

Yes, it’s been sitting in my closet for 2 years waiting for a special occasion, or a super sunny day or some reason to be worn. It’s been sitting in my closet long enough for the pleats to get all munched (yes I did iron it this morning, though it probably doesn’t look that way). This morning I thought – if I wait much longer, summer is going to be gone and this really isn’t a winter skirt (I mean, the scantily clad people are swimming, after all). I’m going out for dinner tonight with friends, it’s a beautiful sunny day, that is reason enough. So I finally wore it.


sunglasses: witchery, cardigan: my ex-work, skirt: modcloth, shoes: merrel (old)

I will have to wear it again [many times] to get my money’s worth but at least it’s one less item that it in my wardrobe with the “never-before-worn” label on it.


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