No won will remember if they won, but everyone will remember what they were wearing

Does oscar fashion become a bigger and bigger deal each year?

This year, I think there were 3 major competitions going on.

  1. Most sparkly/embellished
  2. Plainest/palest
  3. Biggest/poofiest skirt

Charlize Threron. Personally I’m not a fan of white dresses but she makes me want to go out and buy one. Perhaps it is because she is simply stunning and would probably make a paper sack look fashionable.  Also, women with short hair are obviously hot.

Speaking of short hair…  Anne Hathaway, you’re wearing couture. Yet it looks kind of wrinkled and oh-my-god what is going on with those anatomically precise darts? Just wear a dress with targets on the nipples, for gosh sakes.

Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton. They really don’t give a f***. I respect that. “Yes, we’re rolling in it but we’re still indie and eccentric.”

Jennifer Lawrence. She’s beautiful (although I thought she looked “chubby” in x-men as mystique. I know that is mean but I can’t help but love the original Rebecca Romijn). I loved The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. The dress is a bit meh. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what bothers me about it. Probably just that it looks heavy and tulip-like?

Amy Adams. Enough with that fluffy stuff already. And grey? Gross.  Somewhere, a flock of pigeons is in mourning.

Naomi Watts. It’s too bad an alien or other galactic creature took a swipe and ripped the top right shoulder off her dress.  Otherwise it would be out of this world.

Sandra Bullock. Gorgeous.  Classy.  Black.  Sparkly.  Perfect.

Queen Latifah.  Also looked stunning and sophisticated in an understated white gown.

Halle Barry.  Sorry sweetie, David Bowie wore it better.

Thoughts on the oscar fashions?


2 thoughts on “No won will remember if they won, but everyone will remember what they were wearing

  1. 1. I didn’t think it was physically possible for Halle Berry to choose a dress that didn’t flatter her body, but there you have it.
    2. Sandra Bullock = perfect.
    3. Anne Hathaway — That dress would be glorious were it not for that little problem. Too little problems, actually.
    4. I am out of commenting energy due to the shock I’m still experiencing caused by Katy Perry’s slime green polyester Grammy drapery with a hole in the front.

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