100 reasons I have no desire to ever go on a cruise

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent Carnival cruise ‘mishap’.  If not, read up on the events here.  The most recent event hasn’t actually put me off cruises.  I’ve never been a fan of them to begin with.

Now, I know there are a lot of people out there who DO enjoy cruises.  And really there is nothing I have against them or the people that do go on them.  It’s more that I personally have no desire to ever go on one.  I also have no desire to go to Las Vegas (except, maybe, to see the seven permanent Cirque do Soleil shows)…  I guess I’m weird.

Living in Dunedin, we have a lot of cruise ships come through.  Sometimes up to 3 a day.  I think somewhere between 60-70 cruise ships will visit Dunedin this summer.  The tourists get dropped off in town for about 8-10 hours, do a few of the touristy things (e.g. pick from the Railway Station, the Octagon, Signal Hill, Baldwin Street, maybe the Taeri Gorge Rail trip, Lanarch Castle, the Albatross Colony or some other penguin/nature tour, etc.) and that is it.  8-10 hours!  If all you see are towns on the coast, you are barely scratching the surface.

I guess I’d rather get off the beaten path a bit (I get that from my parents), really get into a place – explore some of the more remote spots, or just go a bit deeper to really experience a location.

I get that cruises are often cheap and an accessible and easy way to see a lot of different places.  I’m still not a fan.  However, I’ve never actually been on a cruise – so who am I to judge?

What is your preferred way of travel?  Would you think twice about going on a cruise?  Or do you love cruises (and if so, what is the best part of being on a cruise)?


5 thoughts on “100 reasons I have no desire to ever go on a cruise

  1. I agree with you and never have been a fan of cruises. My picture of cruises is that they are full of old people. Also, even though they are large, I feel like I would be trapped. Granted, I see there are a lot of fun things to do on a cruise and I probably would have fun, but like you, I rather go off the beaten path. I would consider joining a tour group depending on the country/area. Sometimes I just want things planned out for me instead of me doing all the planning.

    • I’m glad you agree with me! And I too would consider a tour group (assuming I could afford it – often they can be pricey!). : D Although, sometimes half the fun in travel is the planning. 😀

  2. Cant stand cruises. They support indulgence with all you can eat buffets, alcohol, gambling, and lavish extravagance that should never be floating in the middle of the ocean. They are environmental hazards, exploiting the labor on their ships and I really cant believe they are still in business. But I also understand the opportunity to go on vacation with all members of your family, where there is something for everyone…even grandma. Just wish there was a more environmentally friendly way of going on a family vacation. If you haven’t seen it, watch, Wa do Dem….great film about a guy going to Jamaica on a cruise.

    • Thanks for the comment! I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten about the environmental effects of cruises but you are absolutely right! They are terrible for the environment. Another excellent reason for me to never go on one.

  3. oh my gosh – this is great! I just had a discussion AGAIN at work in the kitchen about how I will NEVER go on a cruise. I have so many reasons – its ridiculous! So after the person I was talking to (yes, another cruise lover) told me that you can do all of these wonderful tings (that you can do in the WINTER – ON LAND) – I went back to my desk and finished my lunch hour by looking at youtube videos of tours that they use to intice travelers to their big germy ships! I had to laugh because the first one was bragging about their lamp shades. Also, I discovered the silliest little putt-putt course that I’ve ever seen. Then one company kept saying “now this is a quieter part of the ship”. One was bragging about the size of the swimming pool (for its 6,500 passengers). Then I proceeded to watch huge ships in huge storms. People were getting knocked out cold by furniture sliding into them. No thanks! I also love getting off the beaten path and have absolutely no urge to ever go to Las Vegas! I found you because I wanted to see if other people have the same extreme view on cruise ships as me. Another thing – is I’m a mermaid and the one of the things that frustrates me the most in this world – is being able to see the ocean and not being IN IT! I’m a scuba diver as well. I am on the beach for many hours of the day on vacation. I do not want to be on a boat! Great blog!

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