We need to talk more about shoes

Actually there are a number of fashion related events that I could/should be discussing. NY fashion week. The grammy’s (atrocious) fashion. etc. etc.

But instead, I’m going to carry on with my own NZ/Dunedin isolated fashion and talk about a couple of things today. 1. A quick follow up on aging style. 2. Shoes.

So last week I blogged about style changes as we age. Today, stuff.co.nz (NZ’s main news website) featured a bit more information about the awesome Karen Walker eyewear campaign. So I’m suggesting you check out Advanced Style, as it’s pretty amazing.

It’s probably pretty clear that I follow a number of fashion related blogs.  Not all the blogs I follow are over to the right in the blogroll (maybe they should be?).  But I was so inspired today by a fellow southern hemisphere blogger’s look that I felt the need to search for shoes.  Because how awesome are those orange polka-dot wedges?

Image: Esme and the Laneway

Image: Esme and the Laneway

Before you get too excited, no, I am not going to buy any shoes. We’re only halfway through Frugal February, and there is still Misery March to go! But I just like to see what fantastic shoes are out there… Neither “orange polka dot wedges” or “orange polka dot shoes” typed into google OR pinterest turned up anything as close to as gorgeous as the ones above.

So instead I felt that fabulous bright printed heels or wedges would have to make do instead. I’ve now decided that every woman should have a pair of amazing bright heels in her wardrobe!

Betsey Johnson – Makenna

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Promise: Freeport in purple

Promise: Freeport in purple

But if you are like me and are a budget fashionista (or cheap!), you know you can score some fabulous bright heels on trademe:

Sz 8.  Currently $19.  Ending Feb 16

Sz 8. Currently $19. Ending Feb 16

Sz 7.  Currently $15.  Ending Feb 17

Sz 7. Currently $15. Ending Feb 17

Sz: 41 (9), Currently $10, Ending Feb 18

Sz: 41 (9), Currently $10, Ending Feb 18

Sz 38 (7)  $1 Ending Feb 15

Sz 38 (7), Currently $1 Ending Feb 15

More auctions worth checking out:

Size 6-6.5

Size 7-7.5

Size 8-8.5

Size 9-9.5

Size 10-10.5

Other non-bright shoe auctions I couldn’t help but point out:

Happy Shoe shopping! I’m off to Queenstown today for a conference, and then hopefully some tramping over the weekend. I’ll be back next week!


4 thoughts on “We need to talk more about shoes

  1. Becca, can you recommend places to buy fabulous shoes for women with wide feet? My feet are D width (and always have been, even when I was a skinny teenager). Thanks to Zappos.com and the like, my shoe options are more bountiful than they used to be, but the Betsey Johnsons and John Fluevogs of the world don’t make shoes that can fit me. This is good to a degree, as it certainly saves me money, but I really would like to have a pair or two of fabulously unique shoes.

    • Ooh! That is a good challenge. My first suggestion is Shoes of Prey (custom shoes) but their shoes are quite expensive. I think they might be worth it though!

      I’ve done a bit of searching and the best selection seems to be Nordstrom. I think having wide feet is actually tougher than having just big feet.

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