How will our style change as we age?

I was just pondering my outfit today and wondering – how long will I be dressing like this? Those of us who follow fashion know that fashions change with time, albeit slowly, but change does happen. I am definitely not sporting the same style that I wore 5 years ago.

Fashion can be hard for some people to understand and get right because

  1. There are often no rules.
  2. There are a lot of rules.

I think growing up in rural Minnesota caused me to have a very casual and conservative style.  I am still trying to free myself of these unspoken rules (while I have few huge baggy sweatshirts in my wardrobe these days – although I must admit I do have one from the U of M – I mean, it’s my alma mater – I have to! I certainly have not purchased one in years!  And they almost are never worn in public).  But weekends spent at Uni working on my thesis are often spent wearing jeans, a theadless graphic tee, a hoodie from my ex-work, and sneakers.

So what will my style be in 5, 10, 15, or 30 years time?  What will I be wearing when I’m 60?  I should hope I still look fabulous, but admittedly most women these days who I see who are 59 – and probably have way more money, and do spend way more money than I do on clothes – look, well….  atrocious.

I’ve even tried searching one of the main NZ street fashion blogs for images of older women looking chic but…  alas there wasn’t much apart from this one.  Pretty much everyone they photograph is a young, hip looking woman decked out in NZ designer duds or some amazing vintage.  Um… hi.  Most of us can’t afford the ridiculous prices for NZ designed clothing – often which the styles I find a bit marginal.  Anyways, I digress.

Obviously the fashion “rules” change with time.   I think as we get older there are possibly more rules [yet at the same time I dress much less conservatively now than I did 5 years ago.  Whether this is due to age, increased confidence, geographic location, fashion – I haven’t the faintest idea].  I also wonder though, if the rules for older women become so rigid that we, as women, feel like only young women can look attractive.  That once you get past a certain age, you have to start looking frumpy (or like a mom – e.g. khaki or white capris and a coral coloured top.  I’m not even joking.  If you are a mom, you probably own those two items and have worn them together on at least one occasion.  I’m just sayin’), and wearing odd handkerchief hem tunics with unsightly embellishments.  Paired with black or navy skirts or trousers.  So much black a navy…

But today I was given hope when I saw the new Karen Walker sunglasses campaign.  Yeah yeah big NZ designer and her sunglasses are all the rage – woop de woop, right?  Well, this campaign I hate to admit, it is amazing (as an aside, go on her website and have a look at all of her eyewear campaigns. I am very jealous at how clever they are.  Her clothes are average.  But her eyewear campaigns are out of this world – literally!).  This is exactly what I am talking about.  THIS is what I want to look like when I’m ‘old’:


I’m completely serious. Amazing. I’m glad I now have a target.


7 thoughts on “How will our style change as we age?

  1. I wonder about this same thing all the time. Personally I refuse to be frumpy at any age. I feel like I’m channelling my grandmother who always dressed to the nines. And yes those sunglasses are freaking awesome!

    • It’s great to hear what your fashion inspiration was! 😀 I am constantly trying to de-frump myself but sometimes it can be tricky (oh the lure of a sweatshirt and jeans)! : D

      • that’s totally understandable! But I just can’t get myself to be casual at work. For me to be alert and focused I have to feel ‘put together’ – yes I’m a strange one.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I think people’s styles and tastes evolve as to trends and that will affect what you wear. And your circumstances such as a job will too. Plus there are things a younger woman can wear an older woman cannot- at least not without sending a very different message. But then I think older women can get away with items that make a bigger statement too.

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