It’s a trademe day

What a better way to start off Frugal February than an outfit  nearly entirely from trademe.  And that means cheap!  The cardi is actually Principals  (an Australasian brand) and the shoes are Mi Piaci (I nabbed them for $25 including shipping – Score!  And yes, this is one of the “three” pairs I spoke of the other day).  The skirt I think I paid something like $25 or so for – I ended up getting in a bidding war with someone else over it and spent more than my usual dollar value.  But I’ve worn it a ton (it used to be another one of my “go to” outfits for work – pair with a black top and tights and my black mary janes and presto – done!).  Overall, it’s a pretty budget happy outfit.

And yes, I did browse some shoe websites today but was tempted by nothing.  I also had a thought yesterday of “I really ought to have x and x colour nailpolish or x colour eyeshadow” – but I have quickly kiboshed these (I didn’t specifically ban cosmetics but if I’m banning the purchase of clothing and shoes, I might as well include cosmetics.  Not that I buy them that frequently – but I sure seem to own a heap).  So far so good for frugal February!

cardi: trademe, top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, shoes: trademe

cardi: trademe, top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, shoes: trademe

Now, if only I had as good of luck selling items on trademe as I do hunting out bargains.  I have a heap of items listed at the moment (6 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes!) that are cute, in really good condition, and affordabley priced (but not dirt cheap which seems to be best way to guarantee sales).  I’m sad about so far having very low views and numbers of watchers.  Maybe there is a bit of January slump at the moment (I suspect this is a slow time of year for retail so I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much)…

Alas, this PhD student needs to get back to writing a conference abstract.  Although it’s not a true abstract, at 2 pages in length, it’s more like a mini-paper which is proving to be a little trickier…


One thought on “It’s a trademe day

  1. LOVE the skirt, it is SO cute!!! Love. Love!

    Good for you for working on being frugal this month. Way to go!! I know that it’s hard since it’s your retail therapy AND because you are a lover of fashion but keep up the good work! Hope you get some action on the sales end!

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