Post-shopping binge guilt begets Frugal February

I feel so guilty.  Two weeks ago there was a terrible shopping binge week.  I bought 3 pairs of shoes.  THREE!  (ok, two pairs were from trademe so they were cheap… but still – that is not an excuse!).  Not to mention Modcloth’s 70% off sale…  It’s way too embarrassing to recount what I may have purchased (I may have mentioned 6 dresses in yesterday’s post).  You would be horrified.  I’m not even going to go there.

Then, of course, I read blog posts like this one, this one and this one.  Clearly I am the anti, here.

Alas – buyer’s remorse!  I am not  a compulsive shopper, but I certainly engage in Retail therapy (I know this because of how many pairs of boots I bought when I was finishing writing up my master’s thesis).  If that wasn’t emotional/thesis coping/stress-related shopping, I don’t know what was.  It’s not like I can’t afford to pay my rent or my groceries or anything like that.  It just seems wasteful because at this stage I really ought to be saving any ‘excess’ money.  And here I am, approaching the end of an even bigger thesis.  So I need to put a lid on this shopping/stress response pronto.

So here we go – let’s trial.  February shall be Frugal February! No new clothing/shoes/accessories/jewellery purchases.  Nada.  [This is especially hard as I wanted to profile all of the 2nd-hand and op-shops around Dunedin…  But alas, this shall have to wait].  Ok, well, maybe one exception.  IF I make my goal of selling enough goods on trademe to raise funds for a pair of Shoes of Prey shoes, then I can buy them.  But IF and only IF I make enough money selling all those other items.  Also, is it cheating Frugal February since I just received a box full of fabulous frocks and a pair of awesome shoes?  *sigh*  We’ll see how frugal Feb goes, and if it goes well, I will aim to have a Miserly March as well.  But lets start with the small things, shall we?

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Post-shopping binge guilt begets Frugal February

  1. You can do it! I seriously thought there was no well in hell I’d make it through my 90-day mission and it was much easier than I expected. ALSO, it helps to maybe have something you are saving for… I know you mentioned you should just be saving excess money – but for me, it was more important (at this time in my life) that I spend my excess money on traveling or some other “experience” so maybe that will make it an easier goal to work toward. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement!!! : D Much appreciated! Glad to hear it was easier than you expected. I expect it will be a good exercise for me.

  2. The easiest way to not spend is to STAY AWAY. I always find myself tempted at Target (evil) when I “just browse” the clearance section. I hardly ever go to malls unless I am on a mission for something specific, but once you are surrounded by all that stuff it’s really hard not to pick up a bargain item here and there. So, if you shop online, you should ban yourself from going on the websites where you find yourself wanting all the really cheap, cute clothes. 🙂

    • I have blocked Modcloth since that is where I do the most damage. : D But I should be able to look at clothes without wanting to buy them all. You know, exercise some self control. 😀

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