Fabulous Frock Friday: Feb 1

And once again it’s Fabulous Frock Friday!  Yay!  Today I am wearing a dress that really epitomizes the concept of fabulous frock friday.  It is a dress that has actually been hanging in my closet for years and I have never worn it.  I guess I didn’t buy it that many years ago…  Apparently I bought it in March of 2010.  It was my first ever modcloth purchase.  I had probably just found out about the site and saw this dress and I thought it was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen and I had to own it.

The first item I ever fell in love with on Modcloth

The first item I ever fell in love with on Modcloth

Well, it arrived.  I put it on and it looked shapeless and frumpy and was completely sheer.  Despite having a lining, you could see straight through it.  Needless to say, I was a little burned (especially after paying $25 USD to have it shipped to NZ) and it took another 18 months and a break-up with my bf of 3 years before I bought anything from Modcloth again.  Since then, I’ve been hooked – becoming more and more obsessed with time, I think.  At least I’ve wised up with the ordering.  The latest lot were all items that were in the cabin fever sale – so no returns.  I had to be very careful about what sizes and styles I was ordering (thank goodness for customer reviews and garment measurements on the site!).  I think I did a pretty good job.  I haven’t actually tried everything on yet, but overall I’m impressed with my many bargains and I think they are all going to fit just fine!

Well, back to this dress.  After the initial disappointing try-on, and subsequent disappointing try-ons, it never really looked very good.  Well, yesterday I decided I really want to buy some Shoes of Prey.  But first, I must raise the money to buy said shoes by clearing out my closet (also, D said if I bought 6 dresses in the modcloth sale, I should get rid of 6.  This is a sound policy so I picked out 6 to photograph and list on trademe.  He then asked how many dresses I own.  I don’t know.  I probably should count…  Although there would be words if I suggested the policy was applied to his book collection.  He owns 750 books to date, fyi).  I also listed something like 5 skirts and 3 pairs of shoes to my existing trademe feed (I no longer worry if items don’t sell.  I just keep re-listing them.  Occasionally dropping prices).  Anyways, this was one of the dresses slated to get the boot.  I tried it on and thought – hey, this is actually still pretty cute (well, once I add a second slip to make it opaque).  It made the cut and I decided I would wear it today for Fabulous Frock Friday.  So there you go.  A dress I’ve had for nearly 3 years and never worn, finally makes its grand debut!

hat: modcloth, dress: modcloth, belt: vintage

hat: modcloth, dress: modcloth, belt: vintage


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