Southwest style and Cosmic chic: What I wore Wednesday and Thursday

Why hello there! Wednesday was another wonderful day (weatherwise) so I busted out the Aztec skirt again and revel in summery goodness. I decided to really Southwest it up by adding a fringed necklace and a crocheted vest. I also got to showcase the adorable turquoise bag my Mom sent for Christmas. Way cute!

sunglasses: witchery, necklace: gift (via gottahave), vest: refined rig, tank: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, bag: gift (thanks, Mom!), shoes: hush puppies

sunglasses: witchery, necklace: gift (via gottahave), vest: refined rig, tank: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, bag: gift (thanks, Mom!), shoes: hush puppies

Today it isn’t as warm out so I wore a top I bought off trademe a while back and have been dying to wear. Yes, I think I searched “Cosmic” or “Galaxy” print – I don’t remember which – and scored this cosmic bodysuit for the usual $10-15. You can’t tell from the photo but it even has a bit of subtle sparkle too it. I was quite keen to get onto the galaxy/cosmic print trend because D is quite the astronomer and I knew he’d be a fan. He told me this morning as I was leaving “You look really good today”. Points for me! Hence my love and desire to wear to wear the spacey top asap. It is, sadly, made out of a horrible slinky unforgiving spandex fabric, but I think it looks decent enough with my fave high waist skirt. I’ve paired with some really old Anthropologie tights (I wear them rarely, hence their longevity). I’m also wearing beautiful amber earrings my Mom sent me last year for Xmas – but as usual forgot to get a close-up photo. The earrings are particularly difficult to match because they are set in silver – and usually if I’m wearing something warm toned (to match the amber) the silver doesn’t seem to match.

top: trademe, skirt: trademe, tights: anthropologie, boots: OTBT

top: trademe, skirt: trademe, tights: anthropologie, boots: OTBT

D asked me today how I pick out what I wear each day. It’s hard to explain (I should tell him to read this post, eh?) since I think I have quite an organic way of putting things together. But first and foremost, I always look at the forecast. The weather here is so changeable – yesterday it was 29, today the high is 17. Inevitably if I don’t look at the forecast I’ll be extremely over or under dressed. Is there anything worse than sweating up a storm or freezing your butt off? Then I look at my closet. I do like to wear things that are new to me, so I will typically choose an item – often a statement piece – and build the entire outfit around it. Yesterday it was the aztec skirt, today it was the cosmic top. So then it is just a matter of finding the coordinating top/bottom/sweater/tights/shoes/accessories, etc. Usually more or less in that order. I have all of my clothing organized into groups – so all the sweaters are together, all the pants, all the skirts, all the dresses, etc. (I suspect this is the way many people have their wardrobes organized). This way when I’m looking for another piece to the puzzle, as it were, I can see all of my options (ok, this is a lie – I can’t really see everything because I have so many clothes they are kind shoved all together – especially my skirts, but I usually remember what is there and can hunt out items not immediately visible in the wardrobe crunch).

I have a good friend here who runs nearly every purchase past her very (surprisingly!) opinionated partner – which I have to admit, I think is a bit weird. I occasionally ask D’s opinion, but rarely. 99% of the time, I am dressing for myself. So how often does your partner’s opinion get considered when you shop? Do you ever buy things thinking “I know he/she will love this on me?” Do you ever ask their opinion after you buy something? Do you always consider how an item will fit into your wardrobe when you purchase it?


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