The holy grail of shoes: Black and brown flat oxfords

Happy Monday all!  Just a quick post today as I need to get going on my PhD asap.  We’re having “writer’s week” in my department.  Everyone is working on either a chapter or a paper intensively all week.  I’ve chosen to work on my paper…  However, I’m going to spend today tidying up the chapter that the paper will be based on first.  I was supposed to do it last week and the weekend, but I may or may not have been distracted by shoes.

I’ve been on the hunt for either flat black wing-tip ankle boots or flat bi/tri-coloured brown/black oxfords or brogues for some time now (as you may have gathered from my Pinterest board, Not only shoes – it looks a bit like a brogue/oxford shrine at the moment).  Despite the proliferation of images of brogues on the internet, actually getting your hands on a pair that are leather, not a small fortune, and can be shipped to NZ is apparently impossible.  I may end up having my sister send me a pair from a UK site (that I emailed four days ago asking about NZ stockists and no word.  I’m sorry, but it’s crap customer service like that that loses customers!  It’s not that hard to list your stockists on your site – I know firsthand as I spent the last 2-3 years helping admin my ex-work’s website!  And the Hudson FB page has dozens of requests for international shipping.  Seriously, get onto it already!).


I also really wanted these, but of course they are not available in my size. Once again I emailed the company to find out if they had plans to re-stock. It’s been less than 24 hours though so we’ll cut them some slack.

John Fluevog Amanda in brown and black

John Fluevog Amanda in brown and black

I was even tempted by these beauties. Again – they are pretty much exactly what I want… Except that they are patent leather. If they weren’t patent I would buy them in a heartbeat. I just don’t like patent leather.

Born Ashleigh Flat

Born Ashleigh Flat

Why is it so hard to find a pair of genuine leather, cute, black and brown flat shoes? You would think this would be the sort of shoe every woman would want – I mean, well made, comfortable, black and brown (so matches literally everything)… As I said before the internet is filled with pictures of bi and tri-coloured oxfords at the moment so what gives? As a shoe manufacturer – surely you’d be watching what is trending on the internet? Or am I in the minority here in wanting such a shoe? *Sigh* Clearly I need to go into shoe design asap. Or maybe I am just being picky. Thoughts?


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