It isn’t Friday yet!

A few weeks ago I decided to institute Fabulous Frock Friday.  Well…  so far, I haven’t made good on my promise.  It was right before Xmas you see, I ended up going away, then last Friday I had to wear a specific outfit to make my modcloth year of dresses entry video, which didn’t turn out…  And here it is Thursday and I couldn’t hold off one day to wear this fabulous frock?  No.  I just couldn’t.

dress: thrifted (savemart), tights: farmers, shoes: doc martens

dress: thrifted (savemart), tights: farmers, shoes: doc martens

I picked this little dress up over the Xmas holidays at the Savemart in Mt. Maunganui, of all places! I think I spent $14NZD on it.

I know, it’s fab, right? I’m not certain it’s vintage (or just a vintage copy) but I guess I don’t really care. It certainly evokes vintage (yay, for finally being able to add a pussy-bow item to my wardrobe! They are nearly impossible to grab on the cheap on trademe, as pussy-bows are reasonably popular at the moment).

I’m also certain that this photo just doesn’t due it justice either. I think I need to work on my modeling and styling skills (check out the waistline which is sitting oh-so-crookedly). But that doesn’t really matter as I love this dress and am super keen to wear it again!

I thought since it was polka-dot, I would pair it with some bright tights.  Well, it turns out I don’t really own any bright tights (funny that!).  All of my tights are patterned or basic/muted colours.  These magenta ones were as bright as I could get.

And my old doc marten mary janes are looking pretty fab and shiny considering how old they are (nearly 4 years!).  Yes, I just polished them for the first time ever before Xmas.  Polish seriously does wonders for leather shoes.  I can’t believe I haven’t been using it more (I blame it on my being an American and never really owning a proper pair of leather shoes before coming to NZ).

Also, I must share this photo from FOUREYES – a NZ street style blog.  Usually I’m not a huge fan of them as 90% of the time the people they feature are wearing NZ designer clothing (read: so overpriced it’s a little bit insane). [As an aside, the Hailwood jumpsuit is only a mere $188NZD.  Believe it or not, that is actually not as much as I would have expected.  It is, however, 100% polyester.  So you decide if it’s worth it or not.]

But I just love today’s look too much not to share/re-post.  Also, what do you think of the shoes?  I love the look, but I have a pair of Jeffrey Campells (wedges) and admittedly, they are not the easiest to walk in.  Not at all practical for Dunedin.

Loving this look featured on FOUREYES

Loving this look featured on FOUREYES

This makes me realize how fashion sheltered I’ve become living in a smallish city (the other photo looks as though it was taken in Auckland, although I can’t be sure). I mean, the look above is way more glam than anything you would see here (seriously, she’s wearing how many rings?  Although, I am also in love with the necklaces). It just reinforces in me once again how much of our personal style is simply a product of our environment.  Thoughts?


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