Hair today, gone tomorrow

Another hair post.  Didn’t I just do a dramatic hair make-over a little over a year ago?  Yes I did.  Don’t I constantly rave about how much I love my short hair and I may never go back?  Yes I do.


  1. I kind of miss having longer hair.
  2. Long hair is more feminine and I also miss that.
  3. Every single other slightly retro modcloth inspired blogger and their mom has the same short pixie haircut as I do.
  4. I worry short hair makes me look a bit older (and I am approaching the big 3-0 so age is becoming a sensitive issue!).
  5. It’s very important not to get stuck in a hair rut.

Here’s the thing.  I do love this haircut.  But, I am just feeling like changing it up again.  Besides, this will be the perfect haircut for me when I am a mom someday (I’ll be a cute, trendy mom, fyi).  In the meantime, I want a longer, more feminine, younger looking hairstyle again.

Unfortunately, to get to anything remotely longer, there is that awkward growing out phase (which, I suspect, is why so many women don’t go super short in the first place).  More links to growing out pixie cuts with photos and tips are here and here. My hairstylist is on holiday at the moment so my hair is going to have a long time to grow before I see her next.  I’ll think next time I see her we’ll have a discussion of growing it out but still keeping it looking cute.

I am thinking this could cute

I am thinking this could be cute

This is also nice although I don't know that my hair has that much volume : (

This is also nice although I don’t know that my hair has that much volume : (

This is a good intermediate look

This is a good intermediate look

Maybe I’ve been reading too many retro fashion blogs or something, because I’d love to get back to the days of these looks.  I particularly love the updos and the finger waves.  Not that my hair would ever look like that without a 24-7 stylist, of course.  But still,  I think change is good.  Which look is your fave?  Do you think I should grow it out, or is the pixie cut so amazing on me that I should keep it forever (I must admit it is very convenient when tramping…)?  Yes, I do realize I could change the colour but do-you-have-any-idea-how-expensive-it-is-to-get-your-hair-dyed here?  Not an option on my student budget!

*sigh*  Hair!  What a lot of effort!


4 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. I have always admired the short pixie dos, such a lovely retro look! I think that you look gorgeous in short hair and you really wear it well! However, if you think you should go a little longer, you could try just growing it out for 6 or 8 months to see if you like the progression (in them meantime you could wear a lot of cute headbands/hats if you don’t like the transitional length) and if you don’t like it you could always cut it again. I do really like the last look (on Ashlee Simpson) and I’m not sure how much you would have to grow out for that, but it doesn’t look so long, so at least it wouldn’t take much time to get it to that length. Good luck, and just know that you are beautiful no matter what you do with your hair!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! : D I have a pretty excellent hairdresser so I sure she can advise me too, and keep everything looking tidy if I do decide to go longer.

  2. I absolutely loved having short hair, but like that! I was like I’ll probably have it long enough when I’m a mom and have kids. So I’m growing it out. It got to a stage where it looked terrible around my ears and neck, but now thats grown a bit..its looking ok. A lot of hair clips are needed and patience. I’m hoping by summer I can recreate some of those looks above! Good luck with it though!

    • I know what you mean. It’s only been 4 weeks since my last cut and already it’s driving me crazy! Another reason to grow it out – no need to cut it as often!

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