I thought I wanted something, but it turns out I want something else….

So you might be wondering what is was that I wanted but I clearly don’t want at all now and I want something else?

Well, for quite a while now, I’ve realized that I want a dSLR camera. I love my little canon – my parents bought it for me last year for my birthday and it has served me well!  However, I love taking photos and at some point want to upgrade (as you may or may not have gathered from the photo quality of many of the pics on my blog). The time is getting near.

I’ve been stalking photo blogs and consumer reports for over a year now and have decided the Canon 600D is the one.  It’s always got great reviews (particularly for photo quality).  It’s not too expensive.  It’s a good entry level dSLR and you can pick them up on trademe (barely used) for around $700NZD or less.  Yes – this is the camera for me!

The thing that I was a little confused about is lenses.  I’m new into the serious photography world – I know lenses are important.  I know lenses are expensive.  I just don’t know what lens or lenses I want to go with my camera.  So I went into the local camera store to have a chat and see what they advised.  Well, the guy pretty much reconfirmed what I thought.  There really is no one “perfect” lens for the canon 600D – at least not for what  I want.  There are really only two things I want – wide angle and macro (both for tramping, of course).  These usually require specific lenses.  And separate lenses.  That you have to carry with you and change when you are going back and forth between types of shots.  And because I want to take my fancy new camera tramping – weight is a bit of an issue.  I don’t want to be carry a 3 kilo camera/lens kit all over the mountains.

The other problem is water.  It often rains when you are tramping, which means you have to put your big fancy camera away.  I don’t worry about my little canon too much.  A few drops won’t kill it (although I do try and keep it as dry as possible!!).  My last canon fell into a lake and still kept trucking for another 6 months afterwards.

Well, the guys at these camera shops are good.  I was just chatting about lenses, etc. for about 5 or 10 min and finally the guy was like – what you really want is the camera I have.  I used to have the Canon 600D, then I upgraded to the Canon 6D (or some other similar even fancier pants model), but I’ve gotten rid of both and now I just have this:



I’ll admit it’s a pretty little camera (the reviews always comment on it’s retro design). Yes, little (the body weighs a little over 400g!  The canon comes in at nearly 600).  But it still has interchangeable lenses (which were also, blessedly, small!).  It’s not a true dSLR (no mirror), but a CSC.  It takes images that are nearly dSLR quality, and the reaction time is lightning fast!  Also, the body is weather sealed.  Yes weather sealed.  Oh, and the kit lens can do macro (the 12-50mm one.  Or at least, that was what the sales guy said)!!  And there are a heap of quality lenses from a variety of different manufacturers that you can put on this camera!

This is the camera I want, I just didn’t realize it until yesterday.  I’ve absolutely been sold.  I have always been a Canon fan, but this camera, this little Olympus, is the camera for me.  I’ve even checked it on consumer reports and other online camera review sites, and its scores are very near to the canon 600D (with, in my humble non-photo-expert opinion, much better features).

Of course, it’s more expensive than the canon 600D (typical!).  About $1200USD on amazon, $1800NZD at the store here in Dunedin.  There are almost none for sale on trademe (I take that as a good sign, but I’m still going to watch for them).  I may have to buy one in the USA and have my parents send it over to me as it is much much cheaper that way.

Anyways – yay!  I’m so pleased to finally have decided on a camera – it seems as though this camera was designed exactly for me and my purposes (as I did have serious reservations about the canon 600d – as in the weight, and the availability of lenses)!  Now it’s just time to save up.


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