Welcome, 2013!

Why, hello, there!  Here it is, already the 9th of January, and finally my first post of 2013.  Today’s post is going to be a quick one as there is a lot going on at the moment (remember my goal about finishing my PhD this year?  Yeah.  I need to get onto that asap).

But first a couple of things.  Xmas holidays were epic.  I am exhausted.  I will regale you with tales of tramping in the days to come.  But for now, a small preview of the spectacular scenery I was able to see first hand.



In other projects, Modcloth has announced a Year of Dresses contest.  Win a year of dresses (1 dress per month for 12 months)?  Heck yeah!  I am going to make a little video (I think my personality will translate better via video than just a photo) as my entry, hopefully within the next couple of days.  Wish me luck!

Apart from that, I am trying to get through a mountain of laundry (1 week away + 9 days of tramping = ridiculous quantity of very stinky clothing and tramping gear), catch up on sleep, catch up on emails, catch up with my family and friends, and generally get back into business mode!  Here’s to starting out 2013 with a jam packed schedule and utter chaos!


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