Sorry there was no post yesterday (although, you will have to get used to it for a while as I won’t be posting much, if at all, over the holidays), as D and I headed off to Queenstown to pick up D’s dad from the airport.  We went a bit early so we could have lunch (at the legendary Fergburger).  We also bummed around the waterfront a bit as well.  Remarking that Queenstown was indeed, beautiful, but rather touristy (it is the adventure tourism capital of NZ.  It also has a Louis Vuitton store.  That particularly irks me since I think it is such an obvious and gross example of consumption and I don’t know…  it just taints Queenstown for me a little bit…   Queenstown is so very popular with all the tourists, but it doesn’t feel like authentic NZ to me.  Alas, I digress!).  We didn’t hear a single kiwi accent all day (apart from D, of course).  Yes, everyone working in the shops in Queenstown was foreign.  As I said – not authentic NZ.

However, Queenstown is also very close to a number of amazing walks.  So next time we shall skip the ginormous burgers and maybe do a walk to kill time instead!

Fergburger in the shade on the Queenstown waterfront

Fergburger in the shade on the Queenstown waterfront

In the life of a PhD student today, I have submitted an abstract to a conference (yay!). I also need to go and get my 2013 ID card. Yes, here at Otago we get new ID cards every year. This will be #7 for me. D picked his up on Monday and I am lamenting the fact that the ID card design (which also changes every year) is blue and features the Otago Clocktower building again. Three out of my last four ID cards have been blue with the Clocktower building. The one that wasn’t was instead bluish-purple with clocktower building. I mean, seriously? The designs are so similar, why bother changing them at all? There needs to be an influx of creativity in the ID card design dept! Someday I will post a photo of all of my Otago ID cards – but not yet (security reasons).

Today is another beautiful sunny day in Dunners. So I had to take the opportunity to wear another Modcloth dress. Ok, yes at this point I probably need to acknowledge my slight modcloth addiction. Their dresses are just so FAB though that I can’t help myself. And it’s summer – so why not wear a dress? Winter can be reserved for endless combos of tights + skirts + tops + scarves + boots.

And I am loving the “Foot tour dress”.  It is different from my other dresses with it’s stripes, peter pan collar and buttons – I typically am a sucker for allover prints and bright colours – so for me this is branching out.  I also love how it matches my fave sunhat and “silly shoes” (which are a bit of a cheat as I’m not wearing them all day, but I will pair them with the dress when we go out to dinner tonight!).  Yes, my desire to match things is possibly a little out of control here but I honestly can’t help myself.  At least I can admit one of my style faults?  The only downside of the dress is that it is quite static-y, and the armholes are quite large – they could be at least 1 inch or 2 cm smaller in depth.  But this can be fixed with wearing a camisole underneath – so really no harm done!

hat: modcloth, dress: modcloth, shoes: nine west (via amazon.com)

hat: modcloth, sunglasses: roc, dress: modcloth, shoes: nine west (via amazon.com)

Happy Summer!


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