Fabulous Frock Friday!

Fabulous Frock Friday – I mean, casual Friday sounds crap.  Fabulous Frock Friday sounds amazing!  I may have just started something here.

So here is today’s fabulous frock – which not only have I been dying to wear but D has been hassling me to wear as well (seeing a glimpse of it in my wardrobe and saying “You ought to wear the dress with the trees on it!”.  As a complete aside – I have occasionally asked him what to wear and he’ll just ramble off random apparel items, not really knowing exactly what lurks in my wardrobes e.g. wear a black skirt and a purple top, or something like that and I have to come up with an outfit.  It was quite fun – I might have to try that again one of these days!).  So here it is!  The Reading by the Riverbank Dress in Moss from modcloth.  It was one of my Thanksgiving sale/black Friday purchases.

dress: modcloth.com, cardi: my ex work, sandals: merrel

dress: modcloth.com, cardi: my ex work, sandals: merrel

This is the great thing about dresses. They are so EASY. I probably should have accessorized it a bit more (I do have some amazing swarovski crystal earrings that would have matched perfectly but I thought they were a bit too dressy for daytime at Uni), but naw. I just threw it on, grabbed a matching cardi, black sandals and I’m good to go!

And such a cute back!!

And such a cute back!!

Not that this dress wasn’t completely effortless as I did spend a fair bit of time modifying it before it could be worn. You note the black band around the bottom? I added it as the dress is – lets just admit it – stunning and gorgeous (a tree print with virtually every shade of green imaginable?!) – but without that band – almost indecently short. So a bit of black fabric and an hour or so of sewing equals a dress that is much more wearable! Yay!

And as an aside, the other reason I’m wearing this dress today is because we’re having a BBQ tonight and it’s a good excuse to wear ‘party’ clothing all day.


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