Just another day in the life of a PhD student…

Today I had my 3 year review (essentially an annual progress report check-in).  It was, shall we say, very brief.  The convener had to go to another meeting afterwards so we had all of 10-15 min.  That was ok.  Essentially fill out the form that says:  Are there any major changes to the PhD (e.g. supervisors)?  Do you have access to funds, equipment, resources?  Are you making sufficient progress?  etc.  All in all, I’m a pretty good little PhD student.  Yes, I am officially over time now (they – meaning the university – like to try and get you to finish in 3 years).  But I did spend 15 months waiting for materials to show up, it’s very hard to get experiments done without materials.  Also, they only sent half of what I asked for.  But alas, this is research.  I spent a long time doing background research and refining my methods and, well, planning.  Lots of planning.  Speaking of said PhD, I should get on to it today.  So here’s my especially PhDchic looking outfit (in honour of my review).

I must say, even though the forecast said it was going to be 20 today, it was cold this morning and I was skeptical – so I decided to wear my lovely Witchery scarf for what might be the last time until about March or April.  I love this scarf.  I bought it on sale, obviously.  But it is totally my colours: black, multiple shades of murky green, tan, and gold.  I bought it because I knew it would match my existing wardrobe.  Also, this skirt is another trademe find from a long time ago, and is frequently in rotation.  I mean, it’s black.  It’s just above the knee.  It’s got a high waist.  It goes with everything!

shirt: ex-work, scarf: witchery, skirt: trademe, shoes: dr. martens

shirt: ex-work, scarf: witchery, skirt: trademe, shoes: dr. martens

And with that, I now need to make some serious progress on the ol’ PhD.


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