Tuesday musings

Apologies in advance for what is going to be a slightly random rambling Tuesday post.  There are a lot of thoughts jostling around upstairs today!

I’ve been thinking quite  lot about my blog lately – obviously more frequent postings.  And I have to wonder where exactly it fits in.  It is, still, a personal blog.  But I have such a random assortment of interests.  Fashion and tramping?  It made me realize once again that I just don’t really fit in anywhere.  I like to think that I’m in between realms or universes.  I’ve moved from MN to NZ…  I will always be a Minnesotan, but now I also identify as a kiwi as well.  I have a degree in Clothing Design – yet now I’m doing my PhD in Textile Science (heavy emphasis on the science part).  Somehow I’ve turned out to be a bit of a mish mash of many incongruous and seemingly discordant things but, this is just how I am.

Today I’m wearing my recently-returned-from-the-tailor awesome houndstooth skirt.  This is one of my best trademe finds (I love houndstooth print!).  I bought it maybe 2 years ago for $20-25 and have had heaps of wear out of it.  It used to be on regular rotation when I had a job (A-line, great length, goes with nearly anything – the perfect work skirt!).  The zipper finally died and although I probably could have replaced it myself, it was an invisible zip with a lining and I knew I would take about 6 months to finally get around to doing it.  Instead, I just paid $20 and had someone else do it!  It’s paired with a top from my ex-work (in one of my fave colours), a necklace from modcloth, and trusty Merrel flat sandals (ok, these were expensive but they are so comfy, and still going strong even going into their 3rd year of wear).


top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, necklace: Modcloth, sandals: Merrel

Speaking of fashion inspiration, I have been looking around on the internet for other similar fashion blogs and was coming up with nothing until – of course – I found that ModCloth regularly features bloggers. I mean, of course they do!  So there is a treasure trove of hip fashion and style inspiration out there.  I’m pretty sure I hit upon the gold mine with that link.  Although, my blog looks absolutely amateur and, well, kind of pathetic so please don’t compare (e.g. Esme and the laneway, Miss Indie, Midnight Maniac and The Dainty Squid, just to name a few).  This is more of a hobby/PhD procrastination project – not a professional blog.  However, I haven’t managed to tap into many other New Zealand fashion blogs (ok, I found two! – again thank you ModclothCheck them out here and here!), or post grad fashion blogs, so I think I’m still maintaining my bloggy uniqueness.


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