Another beautiful Dunners day…

Actually no. Not at all. It’s gray, rainy, cold – ultimately crap out today. One of those days you just want to stay in bed! I mean, it’s Dec 7 today! 2 weeks until the longest day of the year and I am wearing one of my warmest jumpers and a jacket today! *sigh*

I am, however, still wearing the Teva jandals. Although we know that has more to do with the condition of my heels than a fashion statement or a determination to remain summery. So here’s today:

Oh so summery, eh?

Oh so summery, eh?

Yes, grey Witchery jumper over a black long sleeve t-shirt (my ex work), some cropped jeans I bought on trademe years ago, the silver watch pendent, black sparkly stud earrings and, of course, the tevas.

Speaking of “the Blister” – this time tomorrow I should be somewhere halfway along the Kepler track. Yes, we’re walking the entire 60 km Kepler tomorrow – starting at about 6 am. It takes 12-14 hours. Yes, this is insane, especially with “the Blister” – however I’m going to wrap it up tight (blister blocks covered in athletic tape), and obviously we’re not going to have full packs (day packs only) so it shouldn’t be too bad. D thinks I’m bringing an exorbitant amount of food (he may be right) – but seriously – 60 km = a need for 1 kilo of lollies, surely?  I need treats to keep me going!

Regardless, wish me good luck and good weather. I’m certain you’ll be hearing about the Kepler-in-a-day adventure on Monday when I get back!


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