A very brief Thrusday

I need to be revising a chapter and a paper today!  So very quickly – today’s slightly punkish looking ensemble.



One of my newly arrived Modcloth purchases (The Finals Week Chic Top – thank you, Thanksgiving Sale!) – ordinarily I am not really into polka dots that much but I’m going to give them a go here, paired with a patent leather emerald green Witchery belt that I’ve been dying to wear (I had to have extra holes put in – it’s a size S/M but for some reason is oddly large!), my black skinny 7 for all mankind jeans (yes, they are really tight!) and…. the teva sandals. Yes, it’s day 3 of teva sandals! I actually started out the day in a completely different outfit and changed (unusual for me, once I put something on, it’s on!). I was going to try and wear normal shoes again today, but after wearing them around the house this morning, I didn’t want to risk irritating “The Blister” any further, so changed to a more Teva appropriate outfit!

Happy Thursday!


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