Hump day? Try slump day.

I’m not having a very productive day.  The problem with PhDs is that often you submit work and then have to wait for comments, etc. before you can move on again.  There is so much to do that in the meantime you could surely fill your time with something more productive but… well, you just don’t feel like it.  I’m having one of those days.

Which is fitting considering I’m keeping with the casual theme from yesterday, and am, in fact, so lazy as to be wearing the same jeans and jandals (mostly due to “THE BLISTER” as we discussed previously). I’ve just thrown on a different top – this one from H & M – which BF (who, I feel silly calling him BF so from now on he’ll be called D) – right, which D said it looked like I was about to go on an African big game hunt. So it’s fitting I paired it with my “lantern earrings”.

Another very casual day

Another very casual day

So yes – I am ready for a Safari, circa 19th century Great Britain!

These aren't my exact earrings but they are nearly identical.

These aren’t my exact earrings but they are nearly identical.

Today I wasn’t planning on celebrating the fabulous style of British explorers. No, I was going to comment on the fabulous style of a character on a British TV series. Vod from Fresh Meat. Haven’t seen Fresh Meat yet? You are missing out. It’s hilarious. It’s a bit of an updated, British 2012 version of The Breakfast Club. Six unlikely first years all move in together in a house; chaos and shenanigans ensue.

And after just finishing the second season, there is a very serious standout: Vod. She’s insane. But she is dynamic and her sense of style is absolutely fantastic. I don’t know who styles and dresses the character of Vod (IMDB gives the series costume credit to June Nevin and make-up design to Janet Horsfield)… but props to them! Vod always looks amazing.

Vod - being Vod

Vod – being Vod

Vod being Violet

Vod being Violet

The many facets of Vod’s personality are reflected in her dress. Also, she uses her appearance to her advantage, particularly in the episode involving the BP dinner (photo just above). I especially loved her outfit and makeup in the John Frobrisher episode but was unable to find a picture (think David Bowie). Below are some examples of her many distinct ensembles. Enjoy! Oh, and of course, watch Fresh Meat.

The many looks of Vod

The many looks of Vod

The many looks of Vod as Violet

The many looks of Vod as Violet


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