Minor differences between Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere Holidays

Nothing is more difficult than trying to get into the Christmas spirit in the Southern Hemisphere.  Hello, it’s sunny and about 70 degrees out today!  But last night I did my best (also, domestic goddess duties – e.g. laundry).  I made a banana cake for my BF to bring into work today.  I think it turned out rather well – I tried a new recipe as my last couple of banana cakes sank after being baked (bummer, eh!).  I used the Ladies a Plate banana cake recipe, and it suggested coffee flavoured icing – which I thought was clever.  Although I made coffee/chocolate icing, and then covered it in chopped walnuts.  BF was commenting how I cover ALL of my baking in chopped walnuts and I explained to him that it’s a sure sign I’m turning into my mother (who is an amazing baker, but as a child I lamented the fact that everything was, in fact, covered in walnuts.  She made special caramel rolls without walnuts just for me).  Anyways, I digress!  While the cake was baking, I finished watching The Help*, then I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and then A Christmas Story (which BF hasn’t seen!  We shall remedy this asap).  All while burning my yankee candle (Holiday Cinnamon scent), wrapping presents, and writing out cards!  Whew!  And I’m not even finished yet.

I don’t think we realize how good we have it in the Northern Hemisphere.  The holiday season is separate from summer.  I think this is very important for a number of reasons.

  1. There should be snow for Christmas.  Or it should be very very cold at the very least.
  2. Holiday season and wedding season should not coincide.
  3. Holiday season and graduation should  not coincide.
  4. No one wants to eat a lot of rich, holiday food (think egg nog) when it’s 70-80 degrees.
  5. People want to bake holiday food even less when it’s 70-80 degrees (nothing says holiday like sweating in the kitchen!)
  6. It should get dark early so you can admire your holiday lights.
  7. The swimsuit season should not directly follow the holiday eating season.  There should be 6 months between at the very least!
  8. There should be snow for Christmas!!!  Sledding!  Ice skating!  Skiing!  Followed by hot drinks and cookies.

Also, did you know that many of the Christmas traditions we use today come from traditions started by the Victorians?  E.g.  The Christmas tree.  We can also thank Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol), who, well, recorded those Victorian traditions (thank you, Charles Dickens exhibit at the Otago Uni Central Library).

As it’s only Dec 4, that is enough about Christmas (however, living overseas you do need to plan your gifts and cards in advance so that they arrive sort of on time).

Another sea foam green day

Another sea foam green day

In keeping with my matchy-match ways, I’m wearing sea foam green again today!  It’s because of the nails.  Anyways, today’s outfit is once again designed from the bottom up.  But not for the usual reasons.  Remember the blister from yesterday?  Well, it turns out I really can’t have anything touching my heel.  So jandals (Tevas!) it is!  Also, the blister is huge, ugly and missing the top so we’re hiding it under some very long 7 for all Mankind jeans.  Paired with a chiffony top I bought on trademe, and a crochet vest from the Refind Rig here in Dunners – well, it’ll do.

So if you’re reading this, please send healing thoughts towards the blister.  Honestly it’s so huge it probably needs a more distinctive name than “the blister”.  I mean, we know it’s important if I’m now planning my outfits around it!


*Ok, yes I am probably the last person on Earth to have seen The Help.  But if I’m not – go watch it now.  The story is fabulous, but so is the fashion.


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