Tramping and fashion – incongruous?

Fashionista by weekday – hardcore tramper on weekends (also, I live in my oldest, rattiest, comfiest pajamas and sweatshirt if at all possible)!  I don’t think these two are entirely at odds.

This weekend, bf and I had wanted to do the Sugarloaf/Rockburn area.  But forecast was not good so we downgraded to “weekend tramp elsewhere” – still not good so we downgraded even more to “overnight at nearby hut”.  Saturday afternoon rolled around (we had our usual lunch with BF’s supervisor at noon), we were planning to leave at 3 pm at the latest since it was roughly an hour drive, a 3 hour tramp to the hut and it isn’t getting dark now until 9.  Unfortunately we finished lunch and it was pouring with rain, the forecast suggested gale force winds in inland Otago – which sounded highly unpleasant considering the area we were heading to was quite exposed.  So we canned the expedition and decided instead to get up early and do the whole trip in one day (as it was only 3 hours to the hut and probably another 4 or 5 to walk out the long way).

So yesterday dawned amazing and sunny and we managed to get our entire trip in.  Approximately 1100 m climb, 2 huts, and then 1100 m descent through the unique central Otago landscape known as the rock and pillar range!  Both Big Hut and Leaning Lodge have been recently renovated or are in the process of being renovated.  Both are historic huts built by the Otago Ski Club in the 1940s and 1950s.  Neat, eh?


Big Hut!

We had some amazing views from up the top of the ridge between the two huts. The scenery was almost otherworldly like. With all the press surrounding the Hobbit release, it is obvious once again, why LOTR and the Hobbit were filmed here in NZ.


A foreign landscape

The sky and cloud formations on display

The sky and cloud formations on display

All in all – it was a really fantastic day walk. It took us a full 7.5 hours including stops for lunch, and exploring both huts and playing in the snow. But we finished the day feeling tired, but very satisfied with our little adventure. I also sustained the most horrific blisters I think I’ve ever had in my life (very bizzare as I don’t usually get blisters), and BF tore a huge hole in his shorts by sliding down a snow/ice bank and kind of sliding over a sharp rock at the end (ouch!!). My legs are also completely covered in various scratches (why are there so many prickly/thorny bushes here?!) but otherwise all was well.

Speaking of scratches on my legs – I had to wear tights today. I also opted for my comfy boots so I could wear socks to protect my poor blistered feet! Also, I failed at my second Konad attempt and just have green (OPI “Mermaids Tears”) nails, so had to match around those of course. Here is the result:

Sea foam/aqua green and mustard...   I think it works

Sea foam/aqua green and mustard… I think it works

It’s another Witchery day – with Witchery tunic top (purchased on sale of course) worn tucked in, no less! to my dkny corduroy skirt (trademe), some mustard tights, my trusty OTBT Hutchinson boots, and mustard tights. Perhaps the colours are a bit unusual together – but so is fashion and tramping. So in a little way, it makes sense that the colours maybe don’t quite make sense. (However, I have to note that my earrings are sea foam/aqua and brown. I know, points for me!)

Note the earrings!

Note the earrings!

So dear readers – are there any particular unusual combos (colours, patterns, textures, heck – even foods!) that you enjoy together?


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